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Anonymous said: Well, every time I think I've seen 'em all, a new one pops up. In this ad for Jack Link's Jerky (watch?v=pnYJa-A1Bts), a woman's hunger is represented by a bald eagle's head poking out like a Chestburster Alien. I think this is up your alley.

I wish she had the Wolf head.

… Um.. >u> <3

This is an awesome ad campaign! And you submitted it near the beginning of this long silence… Thank you for your patience ;u; <3

Foster’s Twist - Laid Back - Bent at the knees

So, in this ad, some people are having fun getting around while bent at their knees. What’s presumably going on is that they’re laying back while their knees and feet are still walking for them.  Turns out it’s because they’re drinking Foster’s Twist, because a dude at the bar corner tries it and fails.

Tons of people have drank it and are all partying together, so it’s a bit surreal.  Thanks for the submission, IdeasOfMrRiley! :3


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Nature’s Way Restore Daily Probiotic - Noticing People Off-Balance

These people also have the “slanted, but walking down a pharmacy aisle” thing down, too. Yeap, people are off-balance due to their intestines here, too. A couple in a park, and a man at a bus stop, too. People can actually recognize their off-balance, too, so it’s a bit of a ‘thing’.

Thanks for this post too, IdeasOfMrRiley! B) 

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Align Balance - Off-Balance Digestion - Slanted Sufferers

So, in this ad that IdeasOfMrRiley sent in, (Thank you!) anyone suffering from an unbalanced digestive tract should try their product. Otherwise, you’ll be off-balance and looking up at everyone in your life.  And making supermarket aisles really awkard.

So expect a few people who are leaning to the side amongst those who are straight up. The girl at the end tries the product and off-screen she is rightened.

I can’t find an alt on this one, nor any download links.. Anybody interested got info?

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Toyota New Zealand - Lean With Us - Everybody Leaning

So, it’s clear to see everybody is leaning because they’re implicitly supporting the Toyota team’s catamaran. I think the only person who ‘becomes’ tilted is the daughter who slants her Barbie. Suggestive..!

Thanks for the submission, IdeasOfMrRiley! B) <3

Info from Line Checker:

This TVC was concepted by Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Greg Wood of Exit Films

Completed on a tight schedule, Creature handled the on-set VFX supervision and all of the post work which included heavy wire removal work, green screen composites, and match moving amongst a variety of other things.


(Hard to find)

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ideasofmrriley said: I'd like to put out an APB for ads containing people with weird postures, ie, leaning to the side, bending over backwards, etc, as if it were their natural posture. I'll get the ball rolling with these ads from Toyota (watch?v=Sc5Qw_z8Qyw), Align (watch?v=_sVPwYEGNjc), Nature's Way (watch?v=6Kpke_MmfcA) and Foster's Twist (watch?v=k_aELnE_VpQ). YMMV on these.

Thanks, IdeasOfMrRiley!  And wow, another tag I hadn’t considered.. :D I don’t know if “Weird posture” ‘ll be it, but maybe ‘body language’ ? Hm.. >u> <3

And wow, what a way to start the trend! This’ll make the next few days easy.

PS: Thank you for your patience, after I think you put this in near the beginning of the long time off. :3 <3

Bud Light Human Fishing

Thanks for this one, Zai Redwinters! So, get ready for this ad: tons of people grabbing Bud Light bottles floating around.. only to be yanked away!

Two guys out on a boat, first, one guy’s friend gets lost.  Then another girl grabs a hanging Bud Light while on a park bench, and is yanked away from her boyfriend. (<3)  A guy on the street, a man in his office, a man through his chimney, a man from his front lawn… And one guy in a white collar is held up as a trophy by the alien!


Hard to find other alts for this.. :X <3

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Sound Transit - Tentacle Fingers

In this ad, a driver’s fingers are everywhere in her car, pressing buttons and annoying her passenger.. I think this has something to with the product. Maybe I should’ve listened closer.. ‘u’;

Thanks for the link, Anon! <3


There’re a few others in this series I’ll be posting/queueing up soon!

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Should this be it? Can Wacky Wild TV Ads Fund me?

Hey, everyone,

Would you like it if I maintained this forever?

Some part of me would like to. I mean, I love weird ads like this. Sometimes, I could look for ads and keywords hours and days at a time, thinking I’ll find something.  But the “Posting here” part is the icing on the cake to share with everyone. B) <3  We all get to see more ads because I can echo whatever you all share. I love it!

I’d like to get paid somehow, though.

Why?  Did I say I was unemployed? Money helps.  Money helps me survive, and more money means I could actually talk . That means companies who store such ads would talk to me—as an actual ad-history educational company.  Not just some hobbyist.

Let me know your thoughts in an ask! Or Reply to this Post!  Or Read this to Email Me!

Seriously—I have almost 2,000 followers after a few days of an influx of newbies. From where? Ad networks?  ;n;  I have ideas how to ‘monetize’, but hearing from you would help. Knowing you’re there is just as important as hearing ideas you inspire me with.

Your voice will make a difference.

So far, only about 20 to 30 people have submitted to this blog, but they are regulars. On total, we still get over 1,000 people per month. That means that if only 3% of you become first time ‘ask’ers, the voices I’d be hearing from would double.

I have a lot going on, but for my next move, what will it be?

I used to code, and I’m doing some of that on the side. But will I pick up new coding employment? Will I pick up one of the passion projects that’re bugging me? Will Wacky Wild TV Ads be the passion project I pick up?  I gotta admit, I have others that might interest this audience, so I’ll be OK with failure for now. :)

Until then, this is all the expression I can share for now.

I haven’t committed enough to do a poster or a redesign or anything. But they’re all things I can do, as I had professionally, if I can get the funds to compare. (It’s not easy, but even half is aspirational.)

After I get some Asks, while I post some old ads I’ve found, I’ll know. I’ll try to touch Tumblr every day for a little bit to start. (IE: This post.)

I’m a bit bashful to reach out like this, but I’m testing all my options right now, and this Tumblr has been a surreal revelation for me. :) <3 I even have other weird “ad” ideas I’d like to do instead. <3

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Sanitarium - One Square Meal - Deflating Officemates

Really cool ad, IdeasOfMrRiley.  Thank you for sharing! ;u; <3

Basically, once everybody in the office sees this ‘chap’ enjoying his One Square Meal bar, all the coworkers witnessing it deflate immediately. Wishing they had up-close shots for people in the background, but eh :( <3 Take what you can get, right?

In the scene-changes after the three in the background deflate, there’s a shot from the side (the closest coworker flat on his desk), and then another shot with the ‘hero’ facing the camera. You can spot another female coworker deflating right behind him. <3

Because I’ve only found one copy, Here’s a backup fresh from Flying Fish’s Youtube. (May I recommend VImeo, FLying Fish?)

There’s almost nothing on this product. :(

Info from Flying Fish:

Director - Greg Page
Client - Sanitarium Australia
Agency - Assignment
Producer - Kerin Casey
Flying Fish, Auckland, New Zealand

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