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Anonymous said: Hey, it's me again. I just found a weird Sound Transit ad featuring a chick with tentacle fingers - watch?v=oFmu0WkZZ7I

Queueing this up!

THanks for posting during this long break! :O

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Anonymous said: found this by scrolling though suggestions after watch your videos on youtube. /watch?v=4YUqJQOA6-w also if you can find more melting videos that would be awesome

Damn, that’s pretty good! <3

Very cool find, totally queueing this up. Thanks, Anon :D

Melting, hunh? Believe it or not… I think you’re right. I don’t think we have many melting vids.  Yeah, looks like only two. TWO? I swear there’re a few more, like from Pepsi. I’ll keep that in mind, dude.

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Anonymous said: It's what ever my name was, I forgot, but it's the guy who gave the the 2 "no wires" ads. There is a new one with the wifes father but I can't find it online.

I saw that ad on TV awhile ago!

I think you were called Lucky.. :O 

I’ll check to see if all those places updated with a final copy of the ad!

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Anonymous said: Did you die?

Yes. I died so many times, it was crazy. :( <3

Not literally, but metaphorically. Rough. Hopefully it means I’ve got the mettle to make more happen, though. I mean, I’m writing this, right? :3

Anonymous said: Anon here, found a Portugese Mentos ad on YouTube that you might like! :) /watch?v=28bJjp3Po-A

OMG. I am glad they’re finding other excuses to do the same ad.

Now, let me pull out my binders of good suggestions..

Haha. B)

PS: Thank you for sending your message in during that quiet summer. B)

Anonymous said: I remember a European (Possibly Spanish ad) for HD television. The theme was flipping channels but every channel had something enlarged to show detail. One channel was a cooking show with a giant fly bugging the chef. One had a punk rock chick with a piercing that took up half her face. And the one that stood out the most was of a model in a wet t-shirt stepping out of the pool with very large nipples!

This really woke me up to how much I forgot. How much I missed.

This is Hitachi , Details (“Detalles”). Queueing it up. Shouldn’t be hard to find, and … it is a cool winner B) <3

PS: Thank you for sending your message in during that quiet summer!

OK, OK, let me take care of these asks.

I’ll see if I can take care of them all tonight, queue them up, and then look at what I’ve accumulated in my spare time. B)

Thanks for visiting, people, I appreciate your undying support. Those few who keep checking in. It’s hard to let the love sink in nowadays, you know? TuT

(also, Thanks, Marygamal <3 I’m.. still… new to .. this Tumblr .. “communication thing” o_o )

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I think this blog just legitimately got 1,300 new users. Or something.

Oh, and Hi. Yeah, I’ve been sorting out my life. :X <3

So.. 1,300 people… Hi… Tell me about yourself while I work up the courage and time! :X <3 (There’re a lot of good asks in here, I’m still mindful of them all)

Googling in a little bit. What just happened?

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Layer’r Gel - Fire - Women’s skin Igniting

Really hot.  More in the great campaign for Layer’r’s products.

In this one, a dude uses the product, walks down a bright city block during summer, I suppose.  First girl eating ice cream witnesses him passing, and her ice-cream holding forearm ignites..  And while her ice cream melts, she gently wipes the trail of flame off.

Then, this dude is passing girls washing a convertible..  The girl with the sponge finds her arm catches fire. (The car behind her does as well.)  So, cue a sensual ‘wash self’ scene with the water hose..

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Layer’r Gel - Rain - Raincloud Children

Another for Layer’r! Very cool series, and really glad there’s more coming from their agency’s channel!

In this ad, a guy who applied the gel to his hair is walking. He passes a girl, who notices a pleasing squall of rain falling upon her.. alone! 

And then a group of girls are observing him pass by; a fire hydrant bursts in response to his passing.  They get covered in this water sensually, and are making sexy poses to him in the blurred background.

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