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McDonalds - “Inner Child” - Time Stop, Body Escape

Think about what this ad’s perspective is on the world.

Your inner child, the innocent one who wants what it wants unabashedly, decides to stop you and your workday in motion to escape your body, get friends, and run to McDonalds.  There, you get the food you want, return to your body, put the food in your “Adult” Hand and return inside. 

Adult you, is clueless.

Thanks for this ad and the other you mentioned, IdeasOfMrRiley!

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Afrin No-Drip - Afrin’s Better - Upside-Down Nose Fix

So, this man turns his nose upside down to fix the whole ‘dripping’ problem he has.  Bit by bit, it seems ridiculous. Drinking coffee with his nose upside down.  Trying to breathe but misting his glasses up.  And sneezing up into his boss’s face.  Whoops!

IdeasOfMrRiley, thank you for this and the other post you’ve given us recently!

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ideasofmrriley said: You might find this Afrin ad (68570119 on Vimeo) interesting - a man flips his nose upside down in it. Sadly, there's no female equivalent, nor can I seem to find any other ads featuring people with upside down noses. If anyone has any knowledge of those sorts of ads, may we see them? Thanks!

Totally going to see what this upside-down nose is expressed as.  I bet that this must be interesting enough if you’re curious about others! :)

I’ll be queueing this up. Thank you for your previous post, too! As always, dedication from those who share with me (ie: Yourself) and to who I can through this site make me feel really honored.  I’m getting used to being inspired by that feeling.  (I am kinda an ad-poster who has now discovered a love of branding, marketing, and exciting writing!)

ideasofmrriley said: Hey, did you ever place the Australian McDonald's "Inner Child" ad on here? If not, you only need to Google it - just about all video websites have a copy, even some good quality copies from people who worked on it.

Ah! IdeasOfMrRiley, you posted a few since my last time in front of the editing box!

I’m adding this to the queue, I haven’t peeked it yet, but will do so when writing up the post!

Thanks for this and the next, btw! :D  Keep up helping me, IdeasOfMrRiley!

Smirnoff - Filter The Unnecessary - Location TF

So, basically, this person uses Smirnoff to tilt the user— or their location?— to replace everything with the desired vibe of the user.

Maybe some sort of reality-distortion field. Anyways, people fall off into the background one by one, like pieces falling down a hallway, ignorantly, of time.  Then furniture and falling patterns replaced by new things falling back in once the tilting changes.

So, location transformation! But it seems like teleportation by POV, maybe between alternate dimensions.

Sci-fi!  Thank you, FunkyRowanPixie!  Keep up the good work!

Hows This i saw it on tv today


Not bad, not bad at all! :D

Very interesting location transformation, especially by altering the balance.  It seems almost that, because of this, all the TFs are off-screen, if any!  Maybe that’s because it’s ultimately depicting probably the only location transformation—quantum dis-entangling with your area and doing it with a new one, person by person, area by area. 

uhh…. Sorry, just my imagination? ;u;

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Anonymous said: so there s a add where the classroom is in black and white then one kid opens a box then everything is in color even the teacher but she has turned young if you could if this ad let me know.

It doesn’t sound familiar; Do you have a time period when you saw it?  How recent is this?  I haven’t watched TV lately, so I’m really behind on this. ‘n’;; You guys watching TV could help me out a lot!

Are you in the USA? If you got any other details, that can help! :)

(I mean, is it candy? Food? Paint? Lunchbags?  What kind of bag? :)

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Buster Busts Loose & Hidden Treasure - “Play a Toon on the SNES!” - Buster Bunny TF

So, FYI, this affected many, many people. This ad has touched the lives of many, like Drake (how do I credit you?) who joined me on the search for this ad. Zai, EdixonKi, and a few more have all reached this out to me.  I think I saw KitsuneKit (Hi!) and others post about it at Metamorphose.

Really glad I can present this news on behalf of Travalisfox and all of us. Thanks for the submission, Travalisfox!

The kid, promoting the two games, cuts to a scene where his mouth and voice is replaced with Buster’s mouth & buck teeth, only to have his mouth revert and his arms spaghetti outwardly and gently pinch/prod him during his suggestion about the ‘cartoony feel.’

Next, after scenes of the gameplay, he reappears with big bunny haunches and Buster’s tail, running in place before his legs take his suggestion to “make a real mad dash” and drag him off screen.

More gameplay. Blue eartips come up followed by Buster’s ears being attached to the boy’s face.  Wiggling in response to ‘sounding great’.  The next scenes talk about the Genesis game, where the kid gets dollar-sign eyeballs popping out of his eyes, due to the game’s treasure—again with Buster speaking and animated over his lips.

Finally, by the end, The kid’s body, but with Buster’s face and arms, stretch themselves out and grab the games off-screen.  Suggesting you get the games. As the kid approaches the screen, his arms shorten as Buster’s, until his face begins reverting.  (That’s not all, folks.) 

As he tells the camera to get its own games, he walks away, no trace of Buster’s influence, until his shirt pops away to reveal a tail coming out.

Revolutionary when it came to live action TF ads, if you ask me. Maybe like the Fruit Rollups ads I desire of the time.

Not as great as my memories, but they do have a lot of catching up to do.


None; no HQs. 


(360p webm, 360p mp4 downloads from Video Detective)

Thank you, Video Detective. <3  And could you believe I was last looking two weeks ago, Travalis? These are exciting times, my friends. I hope other leads show up!

And everybody who is here when really important ads are found by everyone’s persistence, not just mine. (Thanks for helping me!) ;u;

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Anonymous said: Travalisfox here. Hey check it out! Someone actually uploaded the way rare and elusive buster tf commercial ad. Been looking for it for years! It's not quite what I expected but I'm pretty sure it's it! on youtube. watch?v=4zE78Pl2ASY



PS: Putting this update out now, THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW.

Then doing the other questions and queueing up what I can! I’m starting a new company! >.> I won’t forget about people here, of course, ads are still a passion >;3

Only a few more ads left!! <— thinking of his personal ‘ads bucket list’

SEND ME YOUR AD BUCKET LISTS, btw! <3 I’ll make them ‘leads’!

Meanwhile, thanks for some stuff to buzz! (Also, apologies again!)

Barclay’s Flexible Cash - You VS Master Plan - Sudden Preg & also Twins

So, I like this ad because there’re two scenes with sudden pregnancy. But let me describe the premise before objectifying it! :P Also, I think I have to blame Stormr / The Belly Zone, because I see they found it alongside another ad I def. got from Stormr and have in my todo. B)

Barclay’s premise is that as time passes, things will happen that you can’t plan for. This’s a common problem, but their solution is whatever.  Time passes as things poof onto the scene, and a new photo is taken of life at that moment/decade.  

At about 0:14, the herald of the first kid is a puffy sound effect alongside his beau’s belly suddenly cupping out.  It’s a pretty nice ‘jump’ effect, and goes along with the narration.  0:30 she says, “It’s twins!” and her flat belly immediately puffs out to a larger size.  Back in the full cut of the scene, it puffs out a bit more for the second twin.  Everybody looks at the camera for the gag.

So, not gratuitous, of course, but well done! 

Info from the Assistant Producer:

Director - Guy Shelmerdine (@ Smuggler)

Prod Co. Producer - Ben Roberts (@ Smuggler)

Creative Director - David Kolbusz and Dominic Goldman (@ BBH)

Creative Team - Harry Orton and Robin Warman (@ BBH)

Agency Producer - Sam Robinson (@ BBH)

Assistant Producer - Roz Prentice (@ BBH)



YouTube (Barclay’s 720p)

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