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Muller Yogurt - Male to Female

In this ad directed by Federico Brugia, a man tries Muller yogurt Bianco—

And he’s transported to another state of mind, where his hands soften into a female’s, his new hands touch his face and turn it feminine, his eyes have eyeshadow grow around them and eyelashes burst out, and then more hair bursts out.

SPECTACULAR— Muller seems to be really hitting the high notes.

This ad is REALLY hard to find online, so, first:

1. Here’s a link to the FLV at a related agency’s site.

And since the info seems to be hard to find, I’ll archive what “Phoenix Advertising” wrote here:

What Women Want, the new advertisement for Crema di Yogurt Bianco M is now on air.

For the first time, the advertisement’s star is a man, a man who tastes, almost by accident, a drop of Crema di Yogurt Bianco and experiences an extraordinary taste adventure that brings him to discover the feminine side of his senses, to discover senses that he didn’t know he had.

This is the basic concept of What Women Want, the new TV campaign for Crema di Yogurt Bianco M con Zucchero d’uva, which features a series of innovative elements which aim to reaffirm the unique nature of the star product in the M range: the marketing debut of a male character, the creation of a M couple, the less ritualistic way of consuming the product, the strong slogan “Discover senses you didn’t know you had”, which works perfectly with the traditional slogan “Make love to the flavour”.

With its new publicity campaign, Crema di Yogurt Bianco confirms its position as the product that has always embodied what M is, but most of all as the product with which the consumer identifies all the values of quality, pleasure, and surprising innovation that it attributes to the brand.

The film was produced by The Family, with the direction of Federico Brugia.  For Phoenix: Art Direction Osvaldo Plano, Creative Director and Copywriter Ugo Mauthe.

In the above, Links are mine.

I’m looking forward to the next ad in the series…  However, I’m not expecting this campaign to continue.  It’s hard to find info on it anywhere. :(


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