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Honeycomb Craver TF - 1 - Classroom

In this ad done by Topix MadDog, a boy gets the ‘crazy craving’ in the classroom, causing his eyes, head/hair, his hands, and his entire face to bug out and TF into a Craver.  The rest of his classmates follow suit in only one respect— a girl uncontrollably having her mouth go out in ‘yeah!’ , a classmate having his hair puff out with honeycomb ears (the previous girl has a Honeycomb earring fall out~ <3), and another girl who has her eyes bug out like the Craver’s.

One of the best out there, and kicked off the entire Craver TF campaign.

Alts: <— Note, I’ve asked this guy in the past for other copies, and I think he only has what’s on his site…