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Ratchet & Clank - Sheepinator ( Backyard)

So, in this ad, kids are about to transform a cat into a sheep.. using the gun from the game.. until the cat jumps down and the parents come back.


I can’t find it on, though. Hm…

Ratchet & Clank - Morph-O-Ray - Chicken Poof

Another one WhatIReallyLIke (and MonsterMaster13 ) have recommended to me— in this ad, friends turn their friend into a chicken.  Kinda weird afterwards, when they’re all running around, chasing their ex-friend. One guy’s like, “We can change him back, right?”  Haha… 


PS2 “I Am the Wolfman” - 2D cutout rearranged to wolf-parts

So, a notable mention from MonsterMaster13; I’d say to note the mood; a bit zany and nightmarish.  So, that’s kind a cool if you want something more surreal!  Basically, a mad scientist imagines how his life’d be if he were a “Man-dog”.. pretty intense. hm..

So he rides a rocket elsewhere, terrorizes prey.. etc.  I bet you can guess why this’s in 2D instead of hardcore 1st person, right? :P <3

Also, this was done by Tim Hope.  (We’ll remember you, broseph)

Alts: (Full ver, thanks MM13!)

Hi-C 1999 - Full Throttle Taste - Jet Kids

Starting at 8:35 in the attached video! (Thanks, MonsterMaster13! I haven’t found any other easy access copies of this..)

So, in this ad, a flying boy needs to land. Because he’s basically a jet with a colored jetstream behind him.  He lands, and they refuel him with Hi-C.. before he returns to the sky with the other kids in their jet formation.

But not before flying everywhere and shocking the people in the flight tower and so on :)  THey get all shocked, so I imagine they’re a bit intimidated by the attitude of these jet kids.

Hard to find alts, anybody able to help?

Fruit Roll-Ups: Stretchy Faces -1999

Thanks to MonsterMaster13 for this!  … You don’t remember? You sent it to me in 2012!

(Guys, I promise. When I started, I didn’t imagine I’d have such a busy life, haha. B) 

So, in this ad, this kid (Steve) walks around the Fruit Roll-upS factory saying hi to two coworkers.. The first, Shawn, has a really tall-stretched face.. and kinda greets him creepily. (Shawn, you know you’re stretched out. Don’t play dumb!)  The next coworker, peering over blueprints, answers Steve’s concerns about Shawn as if they’re nothing. Because her face is also stretched wide, too. :O

Pretty cool, though I wish they stuck more to the older mascot… >u> <— selfish, I guess

Alts: (at the beginning)

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Milky Way Crispy Rolls (1994) - Magic Ride

So, in this ad, two kids are having fun at a fair, while a mom manages to get MIlk from a nearby farm/cow/milk can… Whatever.  IT joins them at the festival, and the twins cause mischief by using the magical effects of the star to make two placards (what are these? They look like movie shoot things) fly and be hovering surfboards for them.  So, they fly around the fair.  YMMV, really.

Dextro Energen (1995) - Stress, Head Effects

So, this guy’s so stressed at his job that two bullet trains fly through the air into his ears, and behind his pupils inside his eyeballs… Eyes widening, and such. So, his head explodes. AHHH.  Then when it reforms, it morphs into a gauge/meter showing how his energy levels are drifting into the red.

So, he takes Dextro, and the meter shows back up and points back in the other direction! :D  ANd he’s good!  Until he sees a coworker suffering the same thing, and mid-Subway-entry into the coworker’s brain, he tosses Dextro to him.

I’d say YMMV, but this makes the morphing front-and-center importance. :)

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Gilette SensorExcel Commercial 1997 - Arm/Razor Swap

So, in this commercial, two guys are using their razors.. and their arms float through space, from one frame to the other..!  The arms swap the razors for each guy to use… And the guy who gets the SenorExcel leaves with the other dude’s arm!  I’m presuming he wants it back..

This looks like the short version of the ad, though.. Maybe I’m mistaken, though.. hm..!   Anyone know for sure? :D

Thanks for finding this again, “ex”-german reader! (Haha?)

Odol 1993 - Black and White Clothes Blown

What Chickenghost1 said;  Guy in a retro photo blows at a girl in a retro photo.. but as her clothes are taken away, her hair gets more ‘modern’, along with colors and hues forming around her.

Kinda cool. Take a peek :D

Odol Mundwasser - Gusts of Breath (Clothes Blown)

VERY cool ad. Anon, take it away!

its for mouth wash, people act embarrassed about their morning breath, use mouth wash and gain super-breath that can undress other people.

You said it.

First, the husband blows at his wife, and her clothes get blown off. Next, a wife blows sensually at her husband, and his business attire is blown away!

But I like the third one as well.. another husband blows at his wife in bed, at an angle…. and the bed is blown towards the window as she’s scared. ;D 

Hard to find other copies. So here’s a copy of Alta Reklame's video for posterity:  mediafire