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Chuck E Cheese - Kid is actually Chuckie

FYI, I don’t know where the original at AdLand is, and I looked. :( 

Anyways, This one features a family at home with a friend..?  He takes off his human head mask and it turns out he’s actually Chuckie Cheese. He warps them to presumably the nearest location of his, where the three original kids party out.

But the disapproving mom shows up, and she’s having fun, too?  Nope, turns out she’s Chuckie, too! Weird… 

Very cool ad. In retrospect, kids want to go to this place and are willing to be kidnapped?  Badass. I’m calling it magical ride, though.

Thank you, Anon, I forgot about these!

Any alts?

Chuck E Cheese Ad - Token to Kids to Tokens

OK, so three token skeletons/stacks that are animated turn into kids and toss a token at the camera.  They have fun for most of the ad, until near the end, where they have spinning tokens for heads.  Cool! The tokens spin into toys, too..! And Chuck e Cheese turns them back into tokens.

I think this ad just tried to be a copycat, since the idea seems kinda subversive when you think about it.  Kids are only token stacks? What are they spending?

Stay for the replaced heads, though. B) (lol.)

Great ad, 100%, Anon! Thank you!

Any alts found?

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T-Mobile - 2004 Science Project - Brain Switch

Another one from WhatIReallyLike.. :O 

So, in this one, a mom leaving her office gets a MMS video from her daughter about her science project in action… Working.  Her little brother’s body now scratches his ear like a dog.  And the dog talks.


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Progressive Insurance - VooDoo - Castration?

Well, some guys might be into this, too. Or girls. Or whomever! :)

Though this vengeful girlfriend instead pricks her ex in the heart, forces him to punch himself in the face, and … castrates? him while they’re having an intimate moment on the couch.

Ouch. But might be up your alley? I dunno. Take a peek!

Progressive Insurance - Progressive VooDoo - Instantaneous Effect

So, this ex enacts revenge instantaneously using Progressive’s VooDoo doll app. (well, back then, it wasn’t called an App, haha.)

Anyways, this guy at a bar is dancing up some girl… FIrst, the girl sticks a needle in his thigh, gives him hot foot, and then outright shrinks his head in front of his date.  Cue shocked expression, btw. :)

Very nice one I forgot about, WhatIReallyLike! :)

Ratchet & Clank - SIze Matters - Shrink Ray

So, in this ad by Ring of Fire (Thanks, WhatIReallyLike ), three guys out late at night shrink a friend to a really small size to run into an encampment.. only to watch as a avian night predator swoops down and gets him.  Ouch.


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Ratchet & Clank 3 - Spanish Ad

Nice find, WhatIReallyLike; I couldn’t find another copy of this. Maybe if I knew spanish better… :/  Anyways.. 

In this ad, two neighbor kids have a comical gun fight, shooting at each other with bigger and bigger artillery.  Until they destroy something the little sister values— her little dog’s doghouse.  So she poofs them into sheep.

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Ratchet & Clank - Mootater 640 - Woman into Cow

WhatIReallyLike, thanks for the note on this!

Basically, some jerks transform a dude’s girlfriend into a cow, and then tell him his girlfriend’s hot. (She’s a cow.)   Then they run away from him instead of making him a cow, too.  Does that make this less of a prank? Hm..

Anyways, YMMV, but worth a peek.


Ridsect - Changes - World Changes, Ridsect Stays

Basically, Ridsect is a mosquito killer/repellent/remover/thingie. People in Malaysia have been using it for awhile, since the brand still exists.  This ad shows that off by having a world/location transformation across ‘eras’, I think.  I don’t know Malay interior decoration history, so this might be object-by-object TF versus stylistic.

First, the outdoors changes by having road paved through the countryside, and then her apartment/house’s interior changes bit by bit.

Thanks for the link and the dedicated search, FunkyRowanPixie! :D <3

Info from MFX Malaysia:

Year: 2005
Brand: Ridsect
Title: Changes 
Duration: 30 secs 
Client: Sara Lee 
Agency: Lowe & Partner Sdn Bhd 
Production House: Passion Pictures
Director: Brad Hogarth 
Post Production: MFX Malaysia
VFX Director: Chan Moon Choong


Sky Television - TV Heads Restaurant

So, in this ad, a guy wit ha big CRT monitor head is talking to another girl with a LCD head.. And it seems almost like he’s been simply gazing at her tits. Bah.

So, RGT, thanks to you and your friend for this upload! :D  I remember when you were asking to see this..!  Do you know how many more might be in this series?

(FYI, anybody want to help me tag posts with ‘head replacement’? No? ack.. TuT:; )

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