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Layer’r Gel - Fire - Women’s skin Igniting

Really hot.  More in the great campaign for Layer’r’s products.

In this one, a dude uses the product, walks down a bright city block during summer, I suppose.  First girl eating ice cream witnesses him passing, and her ice-cream holding forearm ignites..  And while her ice cream melts, she gently wipes the trail of flame off.

Then, this dude is passing girls washing a convertible..  The girl with the sponge finds her arm catches fire. (The car behind her does as well.)  So, cue a sensual ‘wash self’ scene with the water hose..

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Layer’r Gel - Rain - Raincloud Children

Another for Layer’r! Very cool series, and really glad there’s more coming from their agency’s channel!

In this ad, a guy who applied the gel to his hair is walking. He passes a girl, who notices a pleasing squall of rain falling upon her.. alone! 

And then a group of girls are observing him pass by; a fire hydrant bursts in response to his passing.  They get covered in this water sensually, and are making sexy poses to him in the blurred background.

Nintendo - Coin Craze - “P Blocks” In Real Life

So, in this new Mario game, there’s the opportunity to turn TONS, and TONS of bricks into coins.  Tons of extra lives, so what?

But the ad depicts kids collecting them nonetheless, alongside Mario in the DS collecting coins, too.  But things in real life turn into coins, too. Trucks, the guy inside landing on the ground as his truck turns into coins. (I didn’t catch whether or not he collected them by virtue of having the truckform of coins moving as a truck still)


HQ Download from WeAreWeAre: (Mediafire MIrror)

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Station Film - For Eyes - Librarian - Breast-Enhancing Glasses

So, I dunno what these glasses do, exactly. I imagine not all girls want bigger tits, so I’m hoping that what happens is that they look bigger, feel bigger, or just have all the plusses.  I wonder.

Anyways, this lady hesitates buying the glasses at first, comparing her breasts to the other lady’s there (?)… And then finally decides to get it.  Because otherwise, you shouldn’t pay a lot for glasses unless they’re magic.  (Knowing I have a choice, I agree!)

Thanks a bunch for the link, anon :D

Info seems to be: Director: Brendan GIbbons;  from Station Film.


15s Alt:

HQ From StationFilm: (Mediafire copy)

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Bushaltestelle Warten Station-ID - Giant Bubble

So, two people are at a bus stop; but not having that good a time together.  So the gothy/punk girl inflates a bubble so big that it brushes against the ceiling and floor.  Very cool.

Thanks, anon! :D

FYI, there are no copies I can find besides this one submitted!

Cheetos Kıvır Kıvır - Curl Curl - Spring Legs, Drill Legs, & Tornado

Fantastic ad. Thanks for making sure I couldn’t miss this, SuperLeft4DeadGuy B)

In this ad, a group of bullies chase this one kid around. But he keeps escaping through the power of Cheetos.

First, he’s at a dead end; he eats a Cheeto, and his lower half turns into a spring.. Yeaa! <3  He bounces out of the alley while the boys are dumbfounded.

Next, he’s surrounded, eats a Cheeto, and his lower half (off-screen? :x ) turns into a drill— so he spins around, goes underground, and escapes the bullies one more time.

Finally, they corner him and get close— he pushes one away and begins spinning in a tornado to blow them all away.  Just another kind of twist.

Very cool ad, Here’s the info from ALICE BBDO:


Production Company : Mac. Gayver

Director : Mini Vegas

Musician : Ömer Özgür

Alts: (short)

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Cheetos Mega - Inflated Bully

Wow, I don’t know what to say here besides awesome. Thanks for the link, Anon!

In this ad, there’s a love interest established between our hero boy and a red-haired girl.  Then a bully comes in and makes him feel lame, I guess.

So when the bully’s about to jump off the highest diving board, Chester Cheetah has an idea with Cheetos Mega— the boy holds it up so he can see both it and the bully and with one flick of his wrist..

The bully inflates in a quick bulge, drops down to the water, and is helpless. Everybody’s laughing.

Well, now I understand the shame joy in some of these kinks.. Anyways!  Def. pretty cool. Here’s some info from Anima Istanbul’s Vimeo:

agency: Alice BBDO

director: Mehmet Kurtuluş

production: anima istanbul

animation and post-production: sinefekt


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DirecTV - Pretty - Marionette Wife in Lingerie Dances

So, this ad may make make more sense if you saw the other two in the series. But maybe not. Thanks, anon!

Anyways, the guy’s in his bedroom, while his wife explains how she’s insecure about her wires due to his removal of wires with DirecTV Genie.  He likes her wires, though, so she (smoothly? Damn!) takes off her bathrobe and reveals her lingerie.

Pretty sure that this’s a B cut. The ideal cut (for me? Lol) would have her “clumsily” flopping on top of him.  And the TV would be off.

Anyways, alts are hard to find for this.


HQ Copy - via Marques Gartrell (Mediafire MIrror)

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DirecTV - Play - Marionette Son

Another in this DirecTV marionette series. Again, thanks for the info on this, Anon! :D

Basically, his clumsy son is also insecure about the wire complaints the dad sent his wife.  So, while honestly approving/validating him (? Placating?)  While walking away, his son’s swept up by something— the fan! And he’s spinning around.  His dad’s all cooing at him, “Look! You’re flying! I can’t fly.”  His son is busy enjoying himself, so I guess it’s more fun than it lets on.

Connected to the other ad in the series; check this tumblr for DirecTV.


HQ Download from Marques Gartrell (mediafire Mirror)

DirecTv - Lemonade - Marionette Wife

So, this ad is pretty surreal, because the wife is high-def.. is she CG? Is she real and done via compositing a puppeteer? 

Anyways, the gag about this ad is that this guy HATES wires enough to get a DirecTV genie, which plugs right in and needs no wires.  His wife comes in and makes the situation awkward by being clumsy. And she’s a marionette.  The ads focus on episodes revealing family members’in securities about having strings, and that trope follows through this series.  Did they ever see the battery family?

Pretty sure that this guy thinks his wife is hot.  I mean, he had a kid with her, and there’re three ads in this series, currently.

Thanks for the leads, Anon! :D

Info from Obsidian:


Client: DirecTV
Agency: Grey/NY
Editor: Tom Scherma
Editorial Company: Cosmo Street

Alts: (HQ Mirror on Mediafire, thanks Marques!)