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McDonalds - “Inner Child” - Time Stop, Body Escape

Think about what this ad’s perspective is on the world.

Your inner child, the innocent one who wants what it wants unabashedly, decides to stop you and your workday in motion to escape your body, get friends, and run to McDonalds.  There, you get the food you want, return to your body, put the food in your “Adult” Hand and return inside. 

Adult you, is clueless.

Thanks for this ad and the other you mentioned, IdeasOfMrRiley!

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Afrin No-Drip - Afrin’s Better - Upside-Down Nose Fix

So, this man turns his nose upside down to fix the whole ‘dripping’ problem he has.  Bit by bit, it seems ridiculous. Drinking coffee with his nose upside down.  Trying to breathe but misting his glasses up.  And sneezing up into his boss’s face.  Whoops!

IdeasOfMrRiley, thank you for this and the other post you’ve given us recently!

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Smirnoff - Filter The Unnecessary - Location TF

So, basically, this person uses Smirnoff to tilt the user— or their location?— to replace everything with the desired vibe of the user.

Maybe some sort of reality-distortion field. Anyways, people fall off into the background one by one, like pieces falling down a hallway, ignorantly, of time.  Then furniture and falling patterns replaced by new things falling back in once the tilting changes.

So, location transformation! But it seems like teleportation by POV, maybe between alternate dimensions.

Sci-fi!  Thank you, FunkyRowanPixie!  Keep up the good work!

Barclay’s Flexible Cash - You VS Master Plan - Sudden Preg & also Twins

So, I like this ad because there’re two scenes with sudden pregnancy. But let me describe the premise before objectifying it! :P Also, I think I have to blame Stormr / The Belly Zone, because I see they found it alongside another ad I def. got from Stormr and have in my todo. B)

Barclay’s premise is that as time passes, things will happen that you can’t plan for. This’s a common problem, but their solution is whatever.  Time passes as things poof onto the scene, and a new photo is taken of life at that moment/decade.  

At about 0:14, the herald of the first kid is a puffy sound effect alongside his beau’s belly suddenly cupping out.  It’s a pretty nice ‘jump’ effect, and goes along with the narration.  0:30 she says, “It’s twins!” and her flat belly immediately puffs out to a larger size.  Back in the full cut of the scene, it puffs out a bit more for the second twin.  Everybody looks at the camera for the gag.

So, not gratuitous, of course, but well done! 

Info from the Assistant Producer:

Director - Guy Shelmerdine (@ Smuggler)

Prod Co. Producer - Ben Roberts (@ Smuggler)

Creative Director - David Kolbusz and Dominic Goldman (@ BBH)

Creative Team - Harry Orton and Robin Warman (@ BBH)

Agency Producer - Sam Robinson (@ BBH)

Assistant Producer - Roz Prentice (@ BBH)



YouTube (Barclay’s 720p)

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Nestle Joya - Train Melting - More Melting Clothes

So, remember this awesome classic? Sure you do! 

In this sequel, with steamy eyes, a girl eats her Joya on a train while eyeing the object of her affections. Like the previous, his clothes begin melting bit by bit,.  Pretty impressive expressions/acting.

First, his watch melts, then his earbuds cable, then, after a ‘finger licking’ shot for the woman, she exposes his chest after melting his shirt’s strap.  Turnabout is fair play, as she finds her own melting and big-glasses kid is revealed as the cause.  :O

Alts are hard to find. Pretty sure worked on this too, not sure yet.

Here’s an alt download link from Rabel. Wishing I had a download option from Youtube :(

Info from Rabel as well:

Joya Train commercial - Moran Atias - Rabel

Advertisement Agency: Publicis

Director: Ram Baruch

Director of Photography: Emanuel Kadosh

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Super Smash Brothers 4 - SMAAASH Hits

Thanks to Zai Redwinters for sending this ad in! If you never played the game before, the idea is that the more damage you take, the further you go flying when knocked. These people are smash-hit in the game, so they go flying off-screen.

It turns out to be an epidemic, because even after one 3DS player hits the camera, the whole city ends up doing it..!  I kinda like these, though I wish I had tagged ‘epidemic’ sooner. 


It’s hard finding more info about it. This is something I wrote down for later:  大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ for Nintendo 3DS TVCM3

Jack Links - Hangry Moments - Status Meeting - Wolf

Wow, this one is my favorite in this campaign. Thank you, Anon, for the mention! Compare to the Eagle and the Puma, both awesome in their own rights.


This guy is in this meeting where they’re reviewing some documents. Everybody calms down because they know what’s going to happen.

His wolf pops out of his shirt— huge! All snarling and stuff.  Everybody sees it, and the standing presenter says it’s the second time this week. The girl across from him tries to offer some popcorn, but she backs off when the wolf snarls and knocks the dish away. (Or is it candy? Whatever. Anyways)

He feeds the wolf some jack links, the wolf is satisfied, and like.. licks/kisses his face.  (FYI, thumbs up)  The girl across from him apparently has an interesting reaction, I think? Hm..

Anyways, good surrealism. 



Carmichael Lynch’s Download (Not HQ)

Youtube’s Download (not HD)

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Jack Links - Hangry Moments - Lecture Hall - Puma

I’m not as much a fan of the Puma one in this series, as I am about the Eagle or Wolf (rawr, that one coming up).  But, hey, there’s a nice scene in here that makes it even better.  So, anyways! Thank you, Anon, for this awesome campaign-indicating post!

In it, the student is diestressed as his puma pops out of his hoodie and angrily knocks his pencil sharpener away.. So he patiently gets up, walks over to get it.

Nice shot of his puma hanging out over in front of a desk, and a girl over there saying, “What’s your kitty’s name?” curiously.  And reaching out to pet him <3

On his nonchalant stroll back to the desk, he feeds the puma some jerky, and it gives him an answer on a test.  He pets it and it recedes. (kinda boring to describe it thusly, though.)

For more info, check the Eagle ad in the series!


Part of this full-ad compilation, too.

And another compilation? Hm.


Copy from Youtube

Copy from Carmichael Lynch.

Both still not HD..

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Jack Links - Hangry Moments - Middle Seat - Eagle Hunger

So, this ad is pretty cool. VERY glad you showed us, Anonymous

Business Lady is sitting on a plane, hearing her stomach growling. Then an eagle emerges as the extension of the sound of her hunger.  Kinda chestburster ;) <3

Dude with a food bar (? powerbar?) tries to feed the eagle, but it wont’ take it.  So, she pulls out her Jack Links and feeds it to the Eagle.  She has quite a pleasant look on her face as the eagle gets satisfaction.

The other seat neighbor tries to touch the Eagle, but he don’t like that. Snips at her, before the businesslady pets it back into her stomach.  Very cool.

Favorites! And it’s a series! Welcome to a tag, Jack Links.

(FYI, I heard that’s not actually a bald eagle cry..? )

Info from MediaBistro:

Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Client: Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
Director: Harold Einstein
Production: dummy.
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Executive Creative Director/Writer: Marty Senn
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Brad Harrison
Head of Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Executive Producer: Freddie Richards
Account Director: Jesse Simon
Account Supervisor: Sofya Vannelli

Alts: <— Just uses Youtube :/


Promo from YouTubeNice.

Copy from Carmichael Lynch (Not too HQ)  Copy from Youtube (also not as HQ. Damn you, Youtube parts!)

Quality, Quality! <3

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Nature’s Way Restore Daily Probiotic - Noticing People Off-Balance

These people also have the “slanted, but walking down a pharmacy aisle” thing down, too. Yeap, people are off-balance due to their intestines here, too. A couple in a park, and a man at a bus stop, too. People can actually recognize their off-balance, too, so it’s a bit of a ‘thing’.

Thanks for this post too, IdeasOfMrRiley! B) 

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