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Spaghetti Os - Your Mouth Does the Mambo - “O” lips, Long Tongue, control loss

 Boy’s mouth ‘Does the mambo’ by puckering out in front of him to the music.  Also his tongue flies out and gets really long, while Spaghetti Os dance on it.

Edit: In this new version from TheDudeWithTheVHS, the guy’s SHOES get Oed out!! <3 <3 And there’s a third shot with the tongue!

(Is it just me, or are his eyes weird?  I think something’s up there..  I mean, it’s cool, but I wonder if it’s CG..)

Edit: Nov 25, 2013; Looks like this’s broken. May need a reupload or more.

EDIT: Dec 3rd, 2013:  Added Alts

EDIT: May 31st, 2014:  TGWTV uploaded an awesome copy!

Alts: (at 18:51)  (at 2:20)

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