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Tic Tac Bold - “Thrill your Mouth” - Mouth Bulges

So, much thanks to SomethingAlwaysCloseToHeart for having found a copy of this ad. (Hey, ASCTH, help me link to your response directly? alas..)

Starts at 0:30.

So, just as I mentioned, this guy has some Tic Tacs in his mouth, and they bounce around a lot, pulling his cheeks out due to the bulges they leave. P. Cool, Then the girl next to him tries one, too, and she has the same effect.  Even cooler! :D  

No high res, alts, or a guaranteed location/info, so this’s still a ‘lead’.. Always glad to have help!

Agogo Superhiperacido - Blue Tongue Girl Bumper
(And, well, the original ad, whatever)

The part I care about comes after the kinda so-so quality of the smoky scene with the kids w/ white eyes & ‘blue tongues’..  Starts at 13 sec.

I think this was part of another ad.. so I’m also marking this as a lead..!

In this, a girl who just has the candy, has her eyes bulge out of her sockets (yes! shown!), her tongue be super long and blue, and her scarf changing colors…! Pretty badass.

Any more info? Hm..  I’ll let you know if I find a copy!

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Listerine - Cavity Fighter (India)

Thanks to the anon who sent this in! :D 

In it, an Indian dude is busy swishing it around in his mouth.  After the Roman soldiers impale all the plaque plaguing his mouth (or at least, the CG mouth, haha), his cheeks burst.   

Super Hiper Acido - Aterralenguas - Tongue Control Loss

Very cool ad, so thank you very much for sharing this, Anon!  (Best part is that I could find a few more to share with y’all thanks to you :D )

In this ad, a boy who tries the treat, he can’t keep his mouth shut even though the announcer’s telling him to.  Because once his mouth opens up, his massive blue tongue escapes and flops out everywhere— into the foreground from the first picture.  Very cool transition scenes where his eyes pop out, you can see the stems poking out from his eyesockets.  So, his super-long tongue’s trying to escape? Pretty cool. :D

Directed by Diego Londoño

from The Zoo Productions. (Youtube)

Alton Towers - The Smiler - Mind Loss

Wow.. Thanks a ton, FunkyRowanPixie .. :D

In this ad, a man with big, glossy eyes, and a big grin, is still sitting in his chair from his previous ride. (What, they let them ride twice? Or it’s been open so long? Hm..)

When a man sits down next to him, he has no idea what he’s in store for on this ride.  He’s brought across a ton of the ride, shocked, and when his tram runs through this “Smiler” smoke cloud, it invades his face and his eyes become full of a spiral as well.  The rest of the ride he’s high/brainwashed, haha.  Definitely a favorite.

Hoping there’s more in this series. Can you guys keep an APB out for it? :)

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Chichiste - Lenguazo - Face distortions

In this ad for Chichiste, kids make a bunch of weird faces. It gets serious when a kid tries Chichiste. His face bulges/distorts in a weird shape, and all his friends have the same thing happen to them.  Sweet!

Any alts?

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VAAM - Fat Man into Thin Lady

UGG, Omega, you hoped I could find more info on this ad, and sadly I could not! :(  All I found out was that it was made by Meiji!

In this ad, a fat man jumps rope slowly, bit by bit. However, singing about VAAM implies that he’s somehow being converted into what he was, bit by bit; so a big belly, thick legs, pudgy cheeks, and thick torso bulge and compress one by one until he’s a pretty girl! (Or some superstar? Hm..)

Might be worth some info, the bulging and compression’s pretty good. I didn’t realize it until I saw the ad.


Campbells MeatBalls - Meatball Body, other weirdness

Hey, another favorite!  This is thanks to James, since he found out that Campbell ads in the UK are all wacky like this one.

In the top clip, starts at 2:17.  Boy with a weird voice over has his head twist around, then he has his stomach bulge a bunch until his lower half turns into a meatball, allowing him to go through history with a meatball belly.   (Egypt, Caveman alongside Stonehenge)

Besides the rock drummer with a long tongue and meatball body, there’s a boy who’s swimming, and gets.. what? Squeegeed by meatballs and colored like one (IE: Tan?)

Def worth a look.

Arcor Big Big - Lips Cling and Head Bubble ! (FAVE)

OMG, anon, I LOVE you for submitting this ad.

In this ad, a girl, then a boy, promote their individual Big Big candies. (I think one is actually a related brand that’s just named differently for it being a lollipop? Moving on.)

The girl shows off how good the candy is in front of the camera, but when trying to pull it out of her mouth (presumably), her lips stay stuck and she gives it back to her mouth with a big CG smirk.

The boy chews the gum, has a few cheek bulges, blows a big green bubble, and the bubble blowbacks, making his head big, green, and translucent!   Wow! Awesome! <3

DEF Favorite and download these. I’m curious about leads for more on this Brasilian series!

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Trebor T Drops - Indonesia - Girl’s mouth is filled with fruit

I love this ad. Hell, it’s my icon here on Tumblr.

Yeah, a girl who eats this fruit finds that there’s so much fruity flavor that her cheeks start bulging with the fruit growing inside.  Soon there’s so many that they pull her mouth apart and wide open, so you can see how all the fruits are laid out. (2D CG right there, hum.).  Then they succumb down and she swallows them.

Totally awesome, IMHO, and I hope you find a higher quality copy of this ad somehow to share.