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Tic Tac Bold - “Thrill your Mouth” - Mouth Bulges

So, much thanks to SomethingAlwaysCloseToHeart for having found a copy of this ad. (Hey, ASCTH, help me link to your response directly? alas..)

Starts at 0:30.

So, just as I mentioned, this guy has some Tic Tacs in his mouth, and they bounce around a lot, pulling his cheeks out due to the bulges they leave. P. Cool, Then the girl next to him tries one, too, and she has the same effect.  Even cooler! :D  

No high res, alts, or a guaranteed location/info, so this’s still a ‘lead’.. Always glad to have help!

Listerine - Cavity Fighter (India)

Thanks to the anon who sent this in! :D 

In it, an Indian dude is busy swishing it around in his mouth.  After the Roman soldiers impale all the plaque plaguing his mouth (or at least, the CG mouth, haha), his cheeks burst.   

Listerine Total Care - Clones and Multiple-Burst

Wow, sweet! I tried to post this ad before, and found no copy online.. so thanks a ton to the anon who provided this!

In this ad for Listerine Total Care, a woman is swishing it around in her mouth, when a woman who looks like her steps out from behind her in front of the mirror… and then another lady steps out behind HER.. and so on, all of them swishing listerine.  So when the burst happens, it happens down the line, to each of them in a row.  The one near the end is my favorite :3

Looks like HQ, too!!  So, get a copy if you like :D

Any other alts, people?

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Listerine (Japanese) - Cheek Explosion

Another Cheek Explosion.  Worth a peek. :D Thank you, Anon!

In this ad, there’s a bunch of CG about how there’s plaque in between your teeth, listerine shoots it… and then the girl has the ‘money shot’ (haha) of the Listerine’s fresh burst of clean. ( 0:23 )

Her hair whooshes out, and her cheeks puff out greatly.  :D

Super Hiper Acido Ateralenguas - Scary Story

In this ad, a boy’s telling a scary story to a bunch of disembodied tongues. Yeap. And they’re terrified, yeap. (Aterra lenguas.)  But watch this ad for the wild take and new sharp/poke-out tongue after he uses the candy on himself.

The tongue snakes out a bit, and then whips up and down really fast for more length, and even passes the black margin at the bottom.  Bonus points for the cheeks changing color and then bulging :D <3

The tongue looks scaly, too, almost not even human. <3

Got Milk? - Skeleton Business

Well.. damn. Thanks, Anon.  :O

In this ad, a woman’s body is sick of drinking _____ and demands milk so badly that it begins to take over.  (In the 30s below, it pulses at her hands, deflates her a bit, I think, and has some less-spooky female v/o for the skeleton instead of silence.)  The skeleton ultimately pulls a quart of milk out of the fridge and pours it into their stomachless body.  You fucking. Skeleton. fool. :(

Def should be watched!  Here’s some info:

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rupert Sanders
VFX:  Robert Moggach

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Arcor Big Big - Lips Cling and Head Bubble ! (FAVE)

OMG, anon, I LOVE you for submitting this ad.

In this ad, a girl, then a boy, promote their individual Big Big candies. (I think one is actually a related brand that’s just named differently for it being a lollipop? Moving on.)

The girl shows off how good the candy is in front of the camera, but when trying to pull it out of her mouth (presumably), her lips stay stuck and she gives it back to her mouth with a big CG smirk.

The boy chews the gum, has a few cheek bulges, blows a big green bubble, and the bubble blowbacks, making his head big, green, and translucent!   Wow! Awesome! <3

DEF Favorite and download these. I’m curious about leads for more on this Brasilian series!

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Xylitol - Brushing mouth reflection

Hey, been really distracted and not getting anything done. Really enjoying it. ;P

Hate to leave you guys out, though. This’s been sitting in the drafts. I haven’t done anything with it because I really like the ad and want more info :(

Anyone else mind getting all the alts & info for me?  If not, I can’t blame you. B)

ALSO: Feel free to mention more ads that are old and obscure! I may not know about them!

Trebor T Drops - Indonesia - Girl’s mouth is filled with fruit

I love this ad. Hell, it’s my icon here on Tumblr.

Yeah, a girl who eats this fruit finds that there’s so much fruity flavor that her cheeks start bulging with the fruit growing inside.  Soon there’s so many that they pull her mouth apart and wide open, so you can see how all the fruits are laid out. (2D CG right there, hum.).  Then they succumb down and she swallows them.

Totally awesome, IMHO, and I hope you find a higher quality copy of this ad somehow to share.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - Friend’s House (Mouth burst)

In this ad, at a friend’s house, a guy tries Peanut Butter Cups, and his mouth has all these bulges and wobbles in one scene when he’s eating it. Noteworthy, though brief. :s