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Super Smash Brothers 4 - SMAAASH Hits

Thanks to Zai Redwinters for sending this ad in! If you never played the game before, the idea is that the more damage you take, the further you go flying when knocked. These people are smash-hit in the game, so they go flying off-screen.

It turns out to be an epidemic, because even after one 3DS player hits the camera, the whole city ends up doing it..!  I kinda like these, though I wish I had tagged ‘epidemic’ sooner. 


It’s hard finding more info about it. This is something I wrote down for later:  大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ for Nintendo 3DS TVCM3

Lucozade - 1996 Contagious Orangeness

In this ad, some bad events are set in motion when a TV falls out a window. However, one guy has a Lucozade.  This temporarily turns him into an orange-fluid filled shape (Lucozade?), and he jumps over to touch a woman’s leg, who also changes, who jumps up to a pole to touch a cat trapped up there, who jumped down onto a guy, who dances and touches another girl, who jumps and saves someone underneath the falling TV.

YMMV, yeah.

Alts: Starting at 2:27 starting at 1:32.

Grazzhopper Energy Drink - Contortion and Awakening

Wow, what an amazingly surreal, intense, and awesome ad.

In this ad, a woman creepily moves and contorts, bit by bit, until you see her do a final contortion near the middle, where her legs are now …. where her hips are… well, it looks like her hips have turned around 180, and allowed her back legs to be wide like a grasshopper’s.  

At the last moment, before the scene transitions, you can see her eyes change color.  (I thought one of her feet twisted and looked grasshopper-like, but I might be wrong.)

I suppose that this pleases the giant robotic grasshopper in front of her, causing it to activate/awaken with a big flash of light..

Zoom out to a city where this is happening in more than one place.

Just my kind of thing! *u*

Done by STORM Productions, and also by Advance Copenhagen. <3

Alts: (It’s under the cinema/downloads section)

Lego Znap - Virus - Eyes swirl, hair change, forced lego building.

In this ad, the Lego Znap virus makes kids look a bit insane/mad, gives them spiky red hair, and they’re compulsed to keep building.  Apparently it’s contagious, too.

YYMV. A bit scary.  Also done by Advance Copenhagen.

Alts: (One or two breaks in)

MTV Mobile - Contagious

In this ad, everybody who gets or sends a text message related to something on MTV Mobile gets transformed into a musical-genre style outfit.  Sadly, all the TFs are off-screen… so YMMV.

Another from’s vimeo. (Am I missing any from them?)

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