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McDonalds - “Inner Child” - Time Stop, Body Escape

Think about what this ad’s perspective is on the world.

Your inner child, the innocent one who wants what it wants unabashedly, decides to stop you and your workday in motion to escape your body, get friends, and run to McDonalds.  There, you get the food you want, return to your body, put the food in your “Adult” Hand and return inside. 

Adult you, is clueless.

Thanks for this ad and the other you mentioned, IdeasOfMrRiley!

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Buster Busts Loose & Hidden Treasure - “Play a Toon on the SNES!” - Buster Bunny TF

So, FYI, this affected many, many people. This ad has touched the lives of many, like Drake (how do I credit you?) who joined me on the search for this ad. Zai, EdixonKi, and a few more have all reached this out to me.  I think I saw KitsuneKit (Hi!) and others post about it at Metamorphose.

Really glad I can present this news on behalf of Travalisfox and all of us. Thanks for the submission, Travalisfox!

The kid, promoting the two games, cuts to a scene where his mouth and voice is replaced with Buster’s mouth & buck teeth, only to have his mouth revert and his arms spaghetti outwardly and gently pinch/prod him during his suggestion about the ‘cartoony feel.’

Next, after scenes of the gameplay, he reappears with big bunny haunches and Buster’s tail, running in place before his legs take his suggestion to “make a real mad dash” and drag him off screen.

More gameplay. Blue eartips come up followed by Buster’s ears being attached to the boy’s face.  Wiggling in response to ‘sounding great’.  The next scenes talk about the Genesis game, where the kid gets dollar-sign eyeballs popping out of his eyes, due to the game’s treasure—again with Buster speaking and animated over his lips.

Finally, by the end, The kid’s body, but with Buster’s face and arms, stretch themselves out and grab the games off-screen.  Suggesting you get the games. As the kid approaches the screen, his arms shorten as Buster’s, until his face begins reverting.  (That’s not all, folks.) 

As he tells the camera to get its own games, he walks away, no trace of Buster’s influence, until his shirt pops away to reveal a tail coming out.

Revolutionary when it came to live action TF ads, if you ask me. Maybe like the Fruit Rollups ads I desire of the time.

Not as great as my memories, but they do have a lot of catching up to do.


None; no HQs. 


(360p webm, 360p mp4 downloads from Video Detective)

Thank you, Video Detective. <3  And could you believe I was last looking two weeks ago, Travalis? These are exciting times, my friends. I hope other leads show up!

And everybody who is here when really important ads are found by everyone’s persistence, not just mine. (Thanks for helping me!) ;u;

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Bud Light Human Fishing

Thanks for this one, Zai Redwinters! So, get ready for this ad: tons of people grabbing Bud Light bottles floating around.. only to be yanked away!

Two guys out on a boat, first, one guy’s friend gets lost.  Then another girl grabs a hanging Bud Light while on a park bench, and is yanked away from her boyfriend. (<3)  A guy on the street, a man in his office, a man through his chimney, a man from his front lawn… And one guy in a white collar is held up as a trophy by the alien!


Hard to find other alts for this.. :X <3

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Sanitarium - One Square Meal - Deflating Officemates

Really cool ad, IdeasOfMrRiley.  Thank you for sharing! ;u; <3

Basically, once everybody in the office sees this ‘chap’ enjoying his One Square Meal bar, all the coworkers witnessing it deflate immediately. Wishing they had up-close shots for people in the background, but eh :( <3 Take what you can get, right?

In the scene-changes after the three in the background deflate, there’s a shot from the side (the closest coworker flat on his desk), and then another shot with the ‘hero’ facing the camera. You can spot another female coworker deflating right behind him. <3

Because I’ve only found one copy, Here’s a backup fresh from Flying Fish’s Youtube. (May I recommend VImeo, FLying Fish?)

There’s almost nothing on this product. :(

Info from Flying Fish:

Director - Greg Page
Client - Sanitarium Australia
Agency - Assignment
Producer - Kerin Casey
Flying Fish, Auckland, New Zealand

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McDonalds - Tiger Action Toys (May 2001) - “Jaw Dropping”

I think I need this as a tag. “Jaw Dropping”.. Much thanks to ThatGuyWithTheVHS for posting this!

Basically, after the segment with Ronald McDonald, two kids are playing with toys named “Shelby” from Tiger electronics… Hm.. But I guess it’s so cool, the boy’s jaw drops, and he even has to pick it up

Anything that legitimizes that a “TF Happened” is cool in my book.  Can’t find any other copies.

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Rice Krispie Treats - “I want One!” Got a craving? - Girl (Gym)

So, this ad is related to the previous Rice Krispie Treats ad campaign; kids freaking out because they want a Rice Krispie Treat, but don’t have one and are teased by another’s enjoyment.

In this case, the girl flashes back to 5 minutes ago, where she was enjoying this delicious treat in Gym. When she finally comes to, she gets ‘animated’ about her desire.

After realizing that the treat was only in her memory, her face turns into a claymation caricature of her old one, but then the camera is above her, seeing her crazy face get larger and more monstrous, her eyes springing out of her monster head.

FYI, though, at the tagline “Got a Craving?” the girl suffers the eye-spring claymation again.  Kinda cool, def worth a look.  Done by Robin Willis at the Bent Image Lab, but they got no trace of this now.

Couldn’t find any alts, kids :( <3

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Rice Krispie Treats - Remember to Share (1996) - Boy claymation freakout

Much thanks to ThatGuyWithTheVHS (ads) (who has a lead request, take a peek) for posting his original HQ copy.

So, this ad features one boy pretty much making food porn out of his Rice Krispie Treat snack. His friend goes insane, by the climax of the ad being unable to contain himself.

If you take a peek, first he morphs into some Shrek-look alike, gets a crazy gigantic grin, and the camera changes to above the pair.  The friend’s face grows in size to fill the frame, now a grinning red monster with big blue lips; the eyes bulge out, tongue lashes around..

And his friend offers him his own. No harm, no foul, eh?

At the very end, though, with the tagline “Got a craving?” the friend’s eyes claymation wildtake/bug out again.

There was one other in this series featuring a girl.

This was done by Bent Image Lab’s old director Robin Willis.


Thanks, ThatGuyWithTheVHS! B)

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Cheetos Mega - Inflated Bully

Wow, I don’t know what to say here besides awesome. Thanks for the link, Anon!

In this ad, there’s a love interest established between our hero boy and a red-haired girl.  Then a bully comes in and makes him feel lame, I guess.

So when the bully’s about to jump off the highest diving board, Chester Cheetah has an idea with Cheetos Mega— the boy holds it up so he can see both it and the bully and with one flick of his wrist..

The bully inflates in a quick bulge, drops down to the water, and is helpless. Everybody’s laughing.

Well, now I understand the shame joy in some of these kinks.. Anyways!  Def. pretty cool. Here’s some info from Anima Istanbul’s Vimeo:

agency: Alice BBDO

director: Mehmet Kurtuluş

production: anima istanbul

animation and post-production: sinefekt


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DirecTV - Play - Marionette Son

Another in this DirecTV marionette series. Again, thanks for the info on this, Anon! :D

Basically, his clumsy son is also insecure about the wire complaints the dad sent his wife.  So, while honestly approving/validating him (? Placating?)  While walking away, his son’s swept up by something— the fan! And he’s spinning around.  His dad’s all cooing at him, “Look! You’re flying! I can’t fly.”  His son is busy enjoying himself, so I guess it’s more fun than it lets on.

Connected to the other ad in the series; check this tumblr for DirecTV.


HQ Download from Marques Gartrell (mediafire Mirror)

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Anonymous said: Hey, TGWTVHS here. I'm looking for a complete version on a "Tales From The Darkside" commercial from... 1988? It has a kid's head transforming onto several different movie monsters, and was done in claymation. I found a complete SHORTER version, but I'm looking for the longer one. Both are on youtube. Any chance you can help out? -TGWTVHS

Yeah, this’s hard to find. The best I got are the two things you likely found already; a 20s version starting at the Vampire head (partial), or the short version which has everything (?) sped up (alt).

Sigh, sigh.  Definitely posting a lead here. Anybody else spot the promo for this ad?  See the partial versions above! B)

Marking this for a lead; Basically, a guy in a graveyard has all the monster faces one after another; no change back in between.


Oh! and I updated this Spaghetti-Os ad with the high quality copy you posted! Thanks again, ThatGuyWithTheVHS B) <3