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Colgate Vitamin C - Bursting? Mind-Blowing? Gusher of Lemon Juice, exploding slices of a lemon bomb, and a vortex of lemon and lime

OK, So, they redid ad #2’s effects for a different product. Hm. I’m OK with that, I guess. B) <3  HQ Download from ‘s vimeo copy!

So, look at the previous #2 in this series, but have the following effects instead:

A gusher of lemon and lime juice erupts from her neck, then a lemon has a fuse of its vine burn down, exploding the lemon into slices of lemon lime at the viewer… before finally becoming a vortex of water swirling around, with lemon and lime slices filling up the bathroom and the frame in a pattern. (Damn, less surreal of, “Bathroom got filled with these”).

But pretty badass.  Hard to find an alt..

Note, in this version, she doesn’t cross her arms and ‘chill’, and the bathroom also gets destroyed.. X3

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Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines 3 - Moist Balloon, Snow Globe, & Frozen Sphere

So, more in this cool campaign.  Here’s the HQ download for you already in the know.  (Thanks, ManyMany )

Dude thinks he’s going to get just your everyday old toothpaste. Nope. He has some Colgate fresh confidence, causing his head to morph and swell into a giant moist, fresh balloon/bubble like in the toothpaste.  Next, another brush gets a snowglobe base and down form around his head, then a big dome and water.. I think it shakes him up and he has the snow whirl around. (Otherwise, not as fun if he’s doing it).

Then, the sphere freezes, leaving a ring of aqua bubbles around him.. Eventually it breaks, freeing him.  PRetty badass.


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Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines - 2 - FIRE HYDRANT, “Snow Lady” version of herself - Ice Cube Blender

So, damn. On the ‘plus’ side, there’s an alt for this recently released.  Yes, I mean plus as in additional to awesome CG already.  I like this one as ‘canon’, but… eh. I can make my own headcanon *cough*… Anyways..

So, this girl is trying the product in her bathroom. Sticks the toothbrush in her mouth and is all wide-eyed and head convulsey… Then her head turns into a fire hydrant with caps vibrating, literally bursting out water everywhere.  No mess, right?  So, she tries it again.

This time, it turns her into a frozen, snow-lady version of herself; and she’s cold everywhere else.. That’s OK.. But then after that, she becomes a blender, rapidly blending ice everywhere.

Hard to find alts, so here’s ManyMany’s HD copy..  

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Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines - 1; Fan Head, Water funnel, and Ice Cube

Hell yeah. So, this ad was popular enough to get more than one. But hold your horses.. They’re queued up!

So, in this ad, a guy’s having the product. OK. But when he’s trying the product, his head convulses rapidly between each try… And the first turns his head and neck into a metallic fan, blowing things all over his bathroom.. Cool.  Next, he has a giant water funnel/vortex replacing them.  After that, the vortex freezes around his head in a giant ice cube.  Eventually he breaks out.

So.. yeah! This stuff is like, usually perfect.

Done by  Here’s a mirror of their Vimeo’s DL.


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Chuck E Cheese Ad - Token to Kids to Tokens

OK, so three token skeletons/stacks that are animated turn into kids and toss a token at the camera.  They have fun for most of the ad, until near the end, where they have spinning tokens for heads.  Cool! The tokens spin into toys, too..! And Chuck e Cheese turns them back into tokens.

I think this ad just tried to be a copycat, since the idea seems kinda subversive when you think about it.  Kids are only token stacks? What are they spending?

Stay for the replaced heads, though. B) (lol.)

Great ad, 100%, Anon! Thank you!

Any alts found?

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B&Q - Unleash the B and Q Inside You - Persona & Mood Change

So, this’s a cool one. Thank you, FunkyRowanPixie!  But not because of the morphing/TF in here.. But because I admire their statement. B) <— might want to take on a project with some boldness

ANyways! B&Q is the prompting cause for these people to dump their old bored/unambitious selves to strike a pose with a knee up… (Guess they got captain in them)  

But more importantly, clothes get torn away to reveal their B&Q apron, and have various items thrust into the scene, or into their hands.. LIke, spatulas, weights, paint brushes, wrenches, etc.  But basically, their moods get changed by their new dedication.

Well, badass.  Maybe that’s really all we gotta do— dress ourselves up in the regalia and tools we need for our job, and strike it with honesty..

… Oh, well. Anyways, the clothes tugging is kinda cool. Thanks again! :D

Odol Mouthwash - Wacky Effects

Damn, Chickenghost1.  I wish they had the full version, so I’m marking this awesome ad as a lead! And providing a mediafire copy from AlteTvClips. Thank you, dude!

So, a lot of weird things go on in this ad. And they’re bitchin’. B)

  • A girl is shocked as her bathroom floods with mouthwash, lifting her hair up as she reacts in shock.
  • A guy has some, his eyes jerk around.. and the bathroom has changed around him (notice the shelf before and after— that’s why I think this’s a clipped version).  He springs a bunch of leaks like a sprinkler, as some more plants rise up in the bathroom..!
  • Another girl blows a bunch of bubbles out of her mouth.. <3  Wish I saw more of that?
  • Another guy’s toupee rises up
  • Something with a girl? Seems nothing
  • And a guy is blown up on a gusher of mouthwash, too :O

So cool. Thanks a ton, ChickenGhost1. B)

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Odol Mundwasser - Gusts of Breath (Clothes Blown)

VERY cool ad. Anon, take it away!

its for mouth wash, people act embarrassed about their morning breath, use mouth wash and gain super-breath that can undress other people.

You said it.

First, the husband blows at his wife, and her clothes get blown off. Next, a wife blows sensually at her husband, and his business attire is blown away!

But I like the third one as well.. another husband blows at his wife in bed, at an angle…. and the bed is blown towards the window as she’s scared. ;D 

Hard to find other copies. So here’s a copy of Alta Reklame's video for posterity:  mediafire

Kopiko - Balloons taking us away

I dunno what to say on this one. These people get tired wherever they’re at, and a balloon inflates out their head somehow (the first guy, out his mouth; the others by their heads flipping open like lids).  While floating in space, a skydiving Kopiko guy (hey, this ad rocks!) is falling and gives them the product.  They wake up and land safely, together, all in the first dude’s jeep.

But where’d the fifth girl come from? Hm…. o__o <3 Nice work, dude.

YMMV, though.

Petit Ecolier - Cooties / Kiss - Zany Girl

In this one ad, a girl seems mindlessly intent on kissing a boy, licking her lips, raising her eyebrows, and finally after kissing him, licking her lips pretty hungrily.  Turns out she only wanted his cookie, and is licking off the chocolate..!  

Now.. I may be crazy… but I think there’s some computer graphics in use, morphing her face to make her seem more cartoonish. (I mean, this seems aimed towards a playful ad for kids).  I can’t tell, though. 

Hey, there’s an alt, too, on Ina.FR.


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