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Blink White - “Transform”

One of my faves, as well as one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

Features: Blinking and eye TFing after, then a nose move TF, and then my fave part: breasts bulging out.  Nothing more than that, though. Def. worth a peek, but hard to find more about the ad.

What data I’ve collected is from Jes ‘s site.

Director: jesdar ngoenchai

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Clinic Clear - Ice Cool Hair (Frozen Hair)

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

Not much else to describe besides this: a man washes his hair at the beach with the product. After that, his hair freezes in dreads from the root to the tip. Kinda cool, but otherwise, Eh. YMMV.

Japanese Weight Loss Ad - Hula Hoop around the affected area

This is kinda a lead. Anyone else have info on this ad?

Whatever it is, a woman doing the hula with a hoop loses weight where the hoop was.  Interesting. Take a peek.

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

Knorr Noodle - Hair, Outfit, Persona Change

IN this ad, three people sitting around an apartment eat Knorr Nudle [sic] and change personae. The lone girl becomes a belly dancer, one guy becomes a reggae guy, and the first guy becomes some savvy cassanova?

Final guy gets dumped in tomatos, though.

Top video has a hQ download. ALways a pleasure for hQ, even if the ad isn’t exaaactly your alley, at least for me.

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.


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BSC Cosmetology - Giantess Changing Colors

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.  Def. one of mine just for the two color TF scenes with women (near the beginning and near the blue model.)

In this ad, giantesses of green, blue, and red clothing coordination change all observers to their preferred color (only by showing a few out of the total, though.)

I really like the blue girl because I think she adds blue eyeshadow to the girl in the car, then colors her clothes. The green girl is cool, too, as she is spellbound while the giantess changes her clothes and those in the store.

At the end, three guys with weird clothes in a fancy apartment are watching the red giantess with bated breath; she kisses the window, making everybody red, including the city and buildings themselves.


Mentolatum LipCare - Seo Woo grows accessories & changes styles

I like this ad. It’s still more morphing and transitions, but it’s not just that. She grows fruit on her head in one scene, jewelery, a cup and saucer… Pretty cool.  I want other copies. You find any?

Kinda a fave, but just barely didn’t make it due to the lack of quality not making this really amazing…


Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

Life Water (JP) - Water Dress / Clothing

(original youtube vid title: 道端ジェシカ ウォーターライフ”篇 (0705) )

In this ad, a woman who is drinking the water has water clothes. Duh. As usual. :|  YMMV, but might be up your alley. Take a peek.

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

Others in the series (Am I getting lazy? Maybe ;( )

Braun - THe Free Spirit (Hair & Person Change)

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

In this ad, more people morph from one to another due to the use of the hair styling/curling product.  Why it’s noteworthy: the girl who is bald, then grows some weird hair on her head. Yay :> <3

THough, yeah. otherwise, YMMV.  Should be a few alts on Youtube. (Pass them onto me if you want.)

Twixels - Weird things in Office

Another from DMZ’s favorites. I think everybody’s waiting in line to get into the break room to try Twixels. Not sure what else to say, though. Everybody who’s waiting is like, a giant pair of shoes, a car, a goat-headed man, a butt on a pedestal, an empty dancing dress…………

YMMV. Take a peek.

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.


Santorini Hamaca Water - Water Replacements

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites. Thank that guy!

In this ad series, different parts of people’s bodies or objects are replaced with the water. Example: Woman in a water hammock, man roller skating on water skates, and a woman on a water swing at a bus stop. YMMV.

Second ad in the serieS: 

The second ad has a girl growing water wings. A few other things, def. look if you might be interested.

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