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Chuck E Cheese - Kid is actually Chuckie

FYI, I don’t know where the original at AdLand is, and I looked. :( 

Anyways, This one features a family at home with a friend..?  He takes off his human head mask and it turns out he’s actually Chuckie Cheese. He warps them to presumably the nearest location of his, where the three original kids party out.

But the disapproving mom shows up, and she’s having fun, too?  Nope, turns out she’s Chuckie, too! Weird… 

Very cool ad. In retrospect, kids want to go to this place and are willing to be kidnapped?  Badass. I’m calling it magical ride, though.

Thank you, Anon, I forgot about these!

Any alts?

Fiat 500L 60 - Making Bigger or Smaller

So, stay until the end for the sudden preg scene. Aw man, Anon, you always know how to make me smile! :) <3

So, these kids are making things bigger and smaller, usually related to the things kids outside the car are doing.  A girl with a helium balloon gets it upsized, so cue a nice shot of her feet off the ground, and a later one with her floating high.. <3 :D  Other things include dogs, suitcases sat upon, gas nozzles..

And at the very end, the older sister quickly increases a mom’s baby from conception to 9 months with a coy grin from her! :) <3

Could you guess that BUF worked on this?  Maybe not, since this ad from 2012 didn’t get its own page at … anyways!

Info from margotfilm:

client: FIAT

title: KIDS TVC ITA 60”



production company: MOVIEMAGIC


Want the Higher Quality version from Mediafire Mirror!  Thanks, Buf :) (Please keep having an awesomely work-filled website!)

Cote d’or - Animal Woman

So, in this ad, a woman grabs a Cote d’Or bar.. As we follow a falling chunk of the bar, her nails get sharp and she scratches them across the surface. Her pupils become sharp, like a cat’s.  She crawls on the table sensuously and eats the other chunk there.  (The guy in the background watches on; he’s another ad in this series)


MASS" said this was directed by Lars Blumers.

(Music Video) Restart - Cara de Santa (Dear Santa? Not sure)  - Music Video

This video features a CG girl, and a few other effects going on with the guys.. but otherwise, 

Has a heart  pulsing out of a guy’s chest, 2D eyes coming out of their faces, heads getting colored..

Instead of all having to fight over the same girl, they all can find a similar-like one of her.  I wonder what this metaphor means?  (The guys become CG afterwards, though.. Interesting! <3)

I wonder if this video is saying love is in the surreal, and not in the literal?

Anunciante: Restart

Produção: Conspiração

Finalização: Tribbo Post

Direção: Thiago Eva

Supervisores de Efeitos: Bibinho Carvalho / Jorge Pereira OK / Thiago Eva

Finalização: Tribbo Post

Artistas de Composição : Jorge Pereira OK / Thiago Porto / Rodrigo Pina / Junior Spinella / Diego Ruiz / Fernando Branco / Diego Argentino

Supervisor Motion: João Schimidt

Artistas Motion: João Schimidt / Marco Rivera / Bianca Bennecke

Diretor 3D : Rick Pimentel

Artistas 3D : Rick Pimentel / Adriana Harumi / Henrique Freitas / Jerome Saravas / Ary Monteiro / Kleber Darcio / Mauro Matheus / Felipe Bauer / Rodrigo Mendes / Nik Kulishev / Rodrigo Paulicchi / Rodrigo Gottardi

Coordenação de Produção 3D : Nayla Kols

Coordenação de Pós : Rafael Guedes / Rodrigo Guedes

Odol Mouthwash - Wacky Effects

Damn, Chickenghost1.  I wish they had the full version, so I’m marking this awesome ad as a lead! And providing a mediafire copy from AlteTvClips. Thank you, dude!

So, a lot of weird things go on in this ad. And they’re bitchin’. B)

  • A girl is shocked as her bathroom floods with mouthwash, lifting her hair up as she reacts in shock.
  • A guy has some, his eyes jerk around.. and the bathroom has changed around him (notice the shelf before and after— that’s why I think this’s a clipped version).  He springs a bunch of leaks like a sprinkler, as some more plants rise up in the bathroom..!
  • Another girl blows a bunch of bubbles out of her mouth.. <3  Wish I saw more of that?
  • Another guy’s toupee rises up
  • Something with a girl? Seems nothing
  • And a guy is blown up on a gusher of mouthwash, too :O

So cool. Thanks a ton, ChickenGhost1. B)

1 note

Odol Mundwasser - Gusts of Breath (Clothes Blown)

VERY cool ad. Anon, take it away!

its for mouth wash, people act embarrassed about their morning breath, use mouth wash and gain super-breath that can undress other people.

You said it.

First, the husband blows at his wife, and her clothes get blown off. Next, a wife blows sensually at her husband, and his business attire is blown away!

But I like the third one as well.. another husband blows at his wife in bed, at an angle…. and the bed is blown towards the window as she’s scared. ;D 

Hard to find other copies. So here’s a copy of Alta Reklame's video for posterity:  mediafire

Kopiko - Balloons taking us away

I dunno what to say on this one. These people get tired wherever they’re at, and a balloon inflates out their head somehow (the first guy, out his mouth; the others by their heads flipping open like lids).  While floating in space, a skydiving Kopiko guy (hey, this ad rocks!) is falling and gives them the product.  They wake up and land safely, together, all in the first dude’s jeep.

But where’d the fifth girl come from? Hm…. o__o <3 Nice work, dude.

YMMV, though.

Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama App - Tentacle Bursting, Dot Becoming

So, this guy uses this app to make two things change before his eyes.  First, he uses the ‘waves’ part of the Vuitton/Kusama app to make tentacles *burst* out from this awesome pot in the living room.

Then, despite my hopes that he’d use the same part when his playful friend shows up, he instead chooses the ‘dots’ setting. So, she begins turning into layers of dots, before they get blown away by the ad continuing on.

Info from the director, Guillaume Cosson:

Producer : Elegangz ///

Director : Guillaume Cosson ///

Executive producer : Réactive Zone ///

Production manager : Loutfi Maatouk ///

Director of photography : Clément Arenou ///

3D : Microbe Studio ///

Make Up : Cindy Galhac ///

Hairstyle : Samuel Chikly ///

Model : Sandra Dim ///

Music : Jean-Christophe Gutierres ///

So, here’re the alts! (Microbe Studio, the CG Company’s)

Punica - ÄGYPTEN - Instant Revivication & Zaniness

Really good ad, dude.  Thank you for sharing it!  Nothing too fantastic, but the approach is definitely in the vein of this blog.  You’ll note what I mean when granny pops open her bag, the mummy licks her lips, and.. uh.. well, let’s talk about it!

Granny and some dude climb a pyramid with flat edges. I think that’s the wrong country, but wiser folk can probably prove me wrong. Anyways, they step on a big sandstone block on the side, and it’s a trap! They fall into the pyramid.

The scrappy dude’s thirsty, so what does grandma do? She pops open her bag, which almost doubles in size once open, and reveals Punica!  The guy with her is very happy about this. 

When he drinks it, we notice the mummy in the background; a CG mouth opens up and reveals a tongue to lick her lips.  Soon, a loose, prehensile wrapping grabs the bottle from the dude, and brings it to the mummy. Shock! What will he do once he drinks it? Oh! The wraps all burst off, and reveal a Cleopatra-like Egyptian Queen, completely healed from millennia of decay.  … badass. B)

This’s why I like the 1990s and 2000s— if the country could afford computer graphics, they unabashedly made comical ads.  sigh~

Very cool, and I like this! Thanks again, dude. B)


Punica has a bunch of good ads, too, I wonder if the ones missing at this time were more from them? Hm.. :) 

Nissan Tida - Taiwan (1) - Sudden Pregnancy

My favorite part comes up at about 0:28. This’s where, after he and his girl had said “Tiida!” to everything and made it expand (excluding her chest, ha), he says Tiida! to her stomach.

Instant inflation! Woo. But so brief and on the side; Explains the baby in the next ad in the series.

Hard to find alts. If you want to look for some, here’s a Youtube search I used.

Meanwhile, here’s a download:,1)-360p_(1).mp4新車廣告-變大篇-360p_(1).mp4