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Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines 3 - Moist Balloon, Snow Globe, & Frozen Sphere

So, more in this cool campaign.  Here’s the HQ download for you already in the know.  (Thanks, ManyMany )

Dude thinks he’s going to get just your everyday old toothpaste. Nope. He has some Colgate fresh confidence, causing his head to morph and swell into a giant moist, fresh balloon/bubble like in the toothpaste.  Next, another brush gets a snowglobe base and down form around his head, then a big dome and water.. I think it shakes him up and he has the snow whirl around. (Otherwise, not as fun if he’s doing it).

Then, the sphere freezes, leaving a ring of aqua bubbles around him.. Eventually it breaks, freeing him.  PRetty badass.


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Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines - 1; Fan Head, Water funnel, and Ice Cube

Hell yeah. So, this ad was popular enough to get more than one. But hold your horses.. They’re queued up!

So, in this ad, a guy’s having the product. OK. But when he’s trying the product, his head convulses rapidly between each try… And the first turns his head and neck into a metallic fan, blowing things all over his bathroom.. Cool.  Next, he has a giant water funnel/vortex replacing them.  After that, the vortex freezes around his head in a giant ice cube.  Eventually he breaks out.

So.. yeah! This stuff is like, usually perfect.

Done by  Here’s a mirror of their Vimeo’s DL.


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B&Q - Unleash the B and Q Inside You - Persona & Mood Change

So, this’s a cool one. Thank you, FunkyRowanPixie!  But not because of the morphing/TF in here.. But because I admire their statement. B) <— might want to take on a project with some boldness

ANyways! B&Q is the prompting cause for these people to dump their old bored/unambitious selves to strike a pose with a knee up… (Guess they got captain in them)  

But more importantly, clothes get torn away to reveal their B&Q apron, and have various items thrust into the scene, or into their hands.. LIke, spatulas, weights, paint brushes, wrenches, etc.  But basically, their moods get changed by their new dedication.

Well, badass.  Maybe that’s really all we gotta do— dress ourselves up in the regalia and tools we need for our job, and strike it with honesty..

… Oh, well. Anyways, the clothes tugging is kinda cool. Thanks again! :D

Ratchet & Clank 3 - Spanish Ad

Nice find, WhatIReallyLike; I couldn’t find another copy of this. Maybe if I knew spanish better… :/  Anyways.. 

In this ad, two neighbor kids have a comical gun fight, shooting at each other with bigger and bigger artillery.  Until they destroy something the little sister values— her little dog’s doghouse.  So she poofs them into sheep.

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Fiat 500L 60 - Making Bigger or Smaller

So, stay until the end for the sudden preg scene. Aw man, Anon, you always know how to make me smile! :) <3

So, these kids are making things bigger and smaller, usually related to the things kids outside the car are doing.  A girl with a helium balloon gets it upsized, so cue a nice shot of her feet off the ground, and a later one with her floating high.. <3 :D  Other things include dogs, suitcases sat upon, gas nozzles..

And at the very end, the older sister quickly increases a mom’s baby from conception to 9 months with a coy grin from her! :) <3

Could you guess that BUF worked on this?  Maybe not, since this ad from 2012 didn’t get its own page at … anyways!

Info from margotfilm:

client: FIAT

title: KIDS TVC ITA 60”



production company: MOVIEMAGIC


Want the Higher Quality version from Mediafire Mirror!  Thanks, Buf :) (Please keep having an awesomely work-filled website!)

Ridsect - Changes - World Changes, Ridsect Stays

Basically, Ridsect is a mosquito killer/repellent/remover/thingie. People in Malaysia have been using it for awhile, since the brand still exists.  This ad shows that off by having a world/location transformation across ‘eras’, I think.  I don’t know Malay interior decoration history, so this might be object-by-object TF versus stylistic.

First, the outdoors changes by having road paved through the countryside, and then her apartment/house’s interior changes bit by bit.

Thanks for the link and the dedicated search, FunkyRowanPixie! :D <3

Info from MFX Malaysia:

Year: 2005
Brand: Ridsect
Title: Changes 
Duration: 30 secs 
Client: Sara Lee 
Agency: Lowe & Partner Sdn Bhd 
Production House: Passion Pictures
Director: Brad Hogarth 
Post Production: MFX Malaysia
VFX Director: Chan Moon Choong


Ceres “Heroes” - Weird People

More nice work by Buf. In this ad, a whole bunch of people with various symbolic object/animal fusions are hanging out at a bar… Causing problems simply due to who they are. Girl with octopus limbs won’t let this guy go, and is practically clinging to him.  Office dude’s so wrapped up in work, he’s pulling his coworkers along with his giant tie.  Two muscle/good-looking dudes are so narcissistic that they have photo printers attached to them.. printing out their photo.  Haha.  And two girls who are coldly solo are made of wood.

Cue four people who come in and shake all that up with the beer!

Funny guy makes the clingy girl loosen her grip, ‘suave’ dude makes the ladies compete with an impromptu “spin the bottle” game, sex-bomb makes the boss faint with her intensity, and the selfie-dudes have their printers improved by the nerd, who makes ‘em spit out the logo everywhere.

TBH, pretty cool. Maybe not cool enough for zaniness, so YMMV! :)

Info from BUF:

| Director: Dario Piana

| Production: Movie Magic


| DOP: Stefano Morcaldo

| Editor: Marco Battiloro

| Agency: BCube

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Sky Television - TV Heads Restaurant

So, in this ad, a guy wit ha big CRT monitor head is talking to another girl with a LCD head.. And it seems almost like he’s been simply gazing at her tits. Bah.

So, RGT, thanks to you and your friend for this upload! :D  I remember when you were asking to see this..!  Do you know how many more might be in this series?

(FYI, anybody want to help me tag posts with ‘head replacement’? No? ack.. TuT:; )

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Sky Mexico - “TV Heads” Strip Club

So, at this bar, a whole variety of people are at a club.. You can guess what kind of person they are based on what kind of TV they have— some with old dials, some with flat screens.. etc.  Take a peek at the obvious eye-candy!

So, rgt, thank you and your friend! :D  Very cool, I remember you were looking for this.. :D  Well, there’s more coming up from you two, RGT.. :)

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Milky Way Crispy Rolls (1994) - Magic Ride

So, in this ad, two kids are having fun at a fair, while a mom manages to get MIlk from a nearby farm/cow/milk can… Whatever.  IT joins them at the festival, and the twins cause mischief by using the magical effects of the star to make two placards (what are these? They look like movie shoot things) fly and be hovering surfboards for them.  So, they fly around the fair.  YMMV, really.