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Telkomel India - Quality Assurance - Rapid Morphing

FunkyRowanPixieVery cool ad, thank you for sharing! :D

So, in this ad, the girl who starts is also the last in a LONG, LONG cycle of morphing people!  Hair flops down, hats pop up, faces change but body doesn’t, and there’s a TON of disjointed morphing in this series.

Here’s the ad info from the TV Card:

Client: PT. Telkomsel Indonesia
Product: Quality Assurance II
Title: “1000 Wajah”
Date: April 3, 2009
Agency: MACS909
Prod. Hse: RT Films


Jolt Cola - “Get a Jolt” - Rather Have a Hot Chick

First, thank the anon who reminded me, and the anon who remembered it was Jolt..!  Yes, this is an ad where a boy and a girl are looking over a cliff, down at their town, drinking Jolt.. Making out..

"Do you ever, fantasize that I"m somebody else?"

He drinks Jolt, fantasizes his girlfriend’s a supermodel.. Then she does the same thing and fantasizes he’s a supermodel… Both times there’s a cool morph, too. :)

I can’t find any other copies of this ad, so you might want to download a copy!  I … helped you out, with this youtube download.

What supermodel is that, btw?

Sissy Boy - “Love Yourself” - Sex, Gender, & Identity Metamorphosis

Pretty cool link, Omega! Thank you for submitting it! Here’re your details..!

My first ad comes from a clothing ling by the name sissy boy. What happens in this ad a women takes his lover and off screen turns him into a complete clone of her. A well executed off-screen tf

That’s about spot-on! Yes, the man is wrapped up in gauze, almost mummified in it.  So, when the girl comes back and unwraps him to find a feminine face, she reveals an entire clone.  Pretty cool.

Looking for more like this when they’re done as well.. That Muller ad was great..!

Info from Giant Films:

Director: Ian Gabriel

more info:

Conceptualized by Ogilvy’s Gordon Ray, Nicholas Pereira and Creative Director Mark Fisher, director Ian Gabriel carefully calibrates a sexy woman’s solo visit to a late night venue to reveal a little more of her reckless inner self than the passing observer might normally anticipate. 

The reason for the woman’s unconventional behavior reflects a neat and sexy twist at the end of the ad. 


Tata Nano - “It’s Awesome” - Some Gender/outfit Swap

In this ad, there’re two scenes when people change their outfits— at 0:21, a lady gets her dress caught in a revolving door.

And another is at 1:01, where a guy sneezes and has transformed into a cute girl.. (Well, how’s that for some awesome gender/sex TF? Hmm!)

At 1:23, the girl sneezes and returns back to the magician who disappeared earlier.

I dunno about you guys, but that girl is really cute, and her reaction to having just been a guy is awesome.

Thank you, anon! :D

g.u. - Fashion Monster - Hair/sona TF?

In this ad, some evil vampire girl flies down a hallway, bites nerdy girls and professors, and turns them into similar vampire replicas like her, but in nice outfits.

+1 for the flying bite of this hot chick into a cute nerd girl’s neck.

Thanks, Omega. :D

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TG - Foxtel - Sarah

In this ad, mentioned by one anon and found by another, (TRULY TEAMWORK, my fellows!

Sarah describes why she likes Foxtel, for reasons that basically have each member of the family look like her.  Little girl, older sister, and male grandparent….?  Well, so, YMMV.  

(NSFW?) (Related?) Werewoman Teaser - Man to Female

This is a pretty cool find from Omega. I’d def make sure you take a peek at it.  I hope you hit the ‘like’ on it, though!

The basic premise is that this guy turns into a girl during his roommate’s period.  So, right after enjoying the company of a girl, the moonlight shins down as he becomes a girl right next to her.  Belly bulging, chest pulsing, hair lengthening.. A face-morph. Pretty good stuff.

I wonder what the rest of the webseries might be like? Similar production values? Gratuitous TF scenes? We can dream…

Nestlé Grand Chocolat: The Android

In this ad, a robotic android is given form and some sensual woman parts by eating this chocolate.

Edit: Oh, I didn’t mention. There’s clicky sounds from her body where the chocolate’s sensual effects happen <3

Some. (lol)

YMMV, but could def worth a look.


HQ Version:

Trix Yogurt - Body Swap!! (Incomplete?)

Another in a long series of ads found due to TJCWilliams93 's uploads. (Thanks, TJC!)

This is one many people’ve been waiting for.  In it, two boys, and a girl (in a ballerina outfit?) try Trix Yogurt, and have their body parts swap. (F-yeah! O_O).  Even more interesting is how there seems to be a bit of deliberate gender/appearance play—why else put the girl in a ballerina outfit for the boys to be swapped onto?  Very cool.

Not sure if this one’s incomplete, though. Does anyone remember a fuller version of this?

Edit: Jan 14, 2013: TJC came through with an updated, hD version! <3 

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Sigma Six - Female to Sumo Wrestler

Stolen from BodySwapGirl ‘s Youtube feed (Thanks!), this ad shows what Sigma six fuel does to an engine.. and.. not sure how, but it does something to the girl, too?