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Yoplait - Schtoozim - Curly & Puffy Floating

YMMV, but this ad is pretty noteworthy to me for how surreal it is.  Another from Gravity.Co.Il.

In this ad, a fairy/witch goes around and poofs outfits and long hairs into curly, floating, puffy things.  It could be more awesome if she lived in a live action world, but she instead lives in this paper animation/CG world.  It’s not so bad when you see live action faces on animated bodies, but the fact it’s adolescents who seem more like props, versus knowing or reacting to what’s going on, makes this ad YMMV.

Keep something in mind: Yoplait has been doing great things with Gravity, so I think I should dig a bit more.

Alts: (has both ads in the series, the other has no inflation, though.) (Both ads as well)

ESC Mad Lounge - Fly TF

In this ad, a man spots a lady lounging across the city in another apartment building. So what does he do? He dons his favorite jaguar-print bathrobe, pulls it around himself, and jumps out the window.


Don’t worry, he turns into a CG fly and breaks into her window after buzzing through the city.  While she’s showing a lot of flesh, the joke’s on the dude. Some grandma/protector puppet pops out from behind her and sprays him with bug spray. He falls and rests on her cleavage, before she disgustedly flicks him away.

YMMV, of course. More at , I think. (I gotta check more of their work, too. I think they uploaded some on their site and some on Youtube.)

Yoplait - Long Tongues

In this (pretty cool) ad for Yoplait, a man sings about the yogurt (no idea). However, he shows that his tongue is long so he could probably lick the last bit out of the little yogurt cup.

… but he’s not the only one who does this. Tons of girls and guys do this.  Pretty cool, def a fave of mine.

Guess who did it? Gravity.Co.Il. Yeap, you’d be right.  They’ve done a lot of other spectacular ads you should definitely see.

Nestle Knockout (Nok Out) - Water Stadium

In this ad, a woman has a bit of this drink, only to have the water show up everywhere as people, a boxing ring, etc.

Looks like there may be others in this series, but it’s hard to find them..

Done by Gravity.Co.Il, who have been doing amazing work.  You should def check their other work on this blog.


Didn’t see this by now? I’ll help.

For Kariot cereal, an Israeli brand, and CG by Gravity.Co.Il.

Girl basically ‘unzips’ herself from one outfit to another, ‘transforming’ herself.  Ends with a transform to a raunchy (?) tiger girl. *u*

Pretty hot.

Update: Links to alternates: 

Agency:Baumann Ber Rivnay Saatchi&Saatchi
Production Company:Kadishzon Productions Ltd
Director:Yariv Gaber

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Nestle Joya, done by — They’ve done another ad I’ll post soon.

Ad is pretty hot— almost literally.

Eating this ice cream causes a man and woman’s clothing bits to .. melt.

Seeing a red high heel melt into red and white never seemed sexier— but you should see the bowtie melt on her blouse!  Oh my O_O  



Another alt:

Agency:Geller Nessis PUBLICIS
Production Company:Rabel Production
Director:Ram Baruch