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Nokia Bonus - Thought Bubbles Attached to Head

So, this ad from Anima Istanbul comes in two parts. And I like the second part. First is with the male gender, second with the female.  Both of them end up thinking so much about the (old) cell phones they can get, that the thought bubbles actually adhere like a ‘fro’ to their head.  They wiggle it around and it shakes with their head.. pretty cool!

Can’t find any alts, so I got a hQ copy from Anima Istanbul right here.

I like this because how often does CG react to what an actor/actress does?

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Frozz - Kumis - Sentient/Prehensile Hair

So, in this ad, a guy with dreds feeds some Frozz to his friend.  Half of the dude’s mustache grows super long, and he whips it out to take one of the Frozz packs from his friend, and the mustache feeds him some.

Hm… Kinda cool.

Info from the title card:

Client: PT. Konimex
Product: Frozz
Title: Kumis
March 03, 2011


Korbel California Champagne 2005 - Surges

Oooh! Omega… NICE. Nice ad!  :D :D 

OK, so a lady with curly hair and her husband pop open a bottle of Korbel champagne.  Cool. But then stuff happens!

The buzz in the air chases out into the goldfish tank in front of them.  The water spritz when the goldfish is rocketed out. (Sweet!). CG!  Then the bubbles affect his wife’s wavy hair, making it more long smooth curls.  Then, the hawaiian luau girl as part of his clock is animated/made alive!  Then a shot of the wife smiling beside her.. 

Somebody in the comments said there was a longer version. Any help finding it?

Nestea - “Amigos” - Weird Friends

Thanks to Anon for this ad! :D  Mucho gusto, senor!

In this ad, a boy has invited a bunch of friends over to his house for a party. Of notable coolness (to me?):  Guy with floating/snakelike dreads, girl with eternal raincloud over her head, man who has a giant hand for a head, and a doll in his packaging. (You might also like the guy with the baby doll head, the marionette doll, or the robot.)



Spongebob Airheads - Eye Bulge, Hair Shock

In this ad, a girl who’s eating Spongebob Airheads has a wild-take of a reaction. :D 

…Can’t believe I didn’t post this and another Airheads commercial. WHAT??

Alt: (Partial, audio clipping, too)

Algarra - Yogurle - Boy to Lion-ish TF

In this ad for Madagascar-tie-in Yogurt, this boy has a brief flash where there’s a hint of a ‘lion’ flash, and right after, he has long hair, some lines on his face, and he waves his hair around like he was wild or dancing. Eh. YMMV.

Mentolatum LipCare - Seo Woo grows accessories & changes styles

I like this ad. It’s still more morphing and transitions, but it’s not just that. She grows fruit on her head in one scene, jewelery, a cup and saucer… Pretty cool.  I want other copies. You find any?

Kinda a fave, but just barely didn’t make it due to the lack of quality not making this really amazing…


Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

Braun - THe Free Spirit (Hair & Person Change)

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites.

In this ad, more people morph from one to another due to the use of the hair styling/curling product.  Why it’s noteworthy: the girl who is bald, then grows some weird hair on her head. Yay :> <3

THough, yeah. otherwise, YMMV.  Should be a few alts on Youtube. (Pass them onto me if you want.)

Style Aromatherapy Shampoo - Fashion through Time

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites. Thank that guy!

In this ad, almost everything about a woman changes as she shows how fashion changed throughout time (EG: Egyptian, Greece, Victorian (? 1750), Roaring 20s (hot!!), with a hair burst to get to present day ‘2008’)

Should be of interest, I Figure.


Neutro Roberts - Hair / Person TF & Change

Another one of DMZ13jp's favorites. Thank that guy!

In this ad, starting with a bald/shaved woman, she rolls her hair/head a bit and whips out some new hair. Not bad, as she changes between male and female.  YMMV.