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Caramello - Stretch it Out - Furniture

I think Caramello had a bit more to its “Stretch” campaign, but so far, this is what I’ve found: This dude lengthening his mirror, TV, window, couch.  Kinda YMMV, really.

Alts: (short) (short)

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Nescau Menino - Sofa - Sucked into Sofa

Very cool ad, so thanks for the mention, Anon

The basics is that this kid, through playing too much PSP, gets sucked into his couch bit by bit.  First, it slithers a bit of fabric over his thigh.. then his chest, and then his whole body. Only once his mom pours the Nescau can she get his son to overcome the couch, get up, and escape it.

Couch TF? Hm… Maybe so, hunh?

Anyways, here’s the info I could find:


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Nintendo - Coin Craze - “P Blocks” In Real Life

So, in this new Mario game, there’s the opportunity to turn TONS, and TONS of bricks into coins.  Tons of extra lives, so what?

But the ad depicts kids collecting them nonetheless, alongside Mario in the DS collecting coins, too.  But things in real life turn into coins, too. Trucks, the guy inside landing on the ground as his truck turns into coins. (I didn’t catch whether or not he collected them by virtue of having the truckform of coins moving as a truck still)


HQ Download from WeAreWeAre: (Mediafire MIrror)

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MTV 55DSL - Touch - “The White Rabbit” - Conscious Music Material

Wow, I love this ad.  Haha.  But it’s not much.  Basically, this material starts making music bit by bit as certain dials/displays pop up one by one, until some are submerged and replaced by a new dominant nose-shaped one that becomes the muzzle for a rabbit..

Then more start popping up, being eyes for him. Then ears, a bowtie, maybe a chest ((breasts??)), and more things pop up that the eyes gaze at while reacting to itself…  A few cool grins in there..!

Info from Physialia:

Direction: Alex Trochut ( ) & Physalia ( )

Art Direction: Alex Trochut ( )

Animation & Compositing: Physalia ( )

Music: Freefarm / Simon Pyke ( )


HQ Download of Original: (Hopefully saving Physalia’s vimeo bandwidth, if any) Mediafire.

Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines - 2 - FIRE HYDRANT, “Snow Lady” version of herself - Ice Cube Blender

So, damn. On the ‘plus’ side, there’s an alt for this recently released.  Yes, I mean plus as in additional to awesome CG already.  I like this one as ‘canon’, but… eh. I can make my own headcanon *cough*… Anyways..

So, this girl is trying the product in her bathroom. Sticks the toothbrush in her mouth and is all wide-eyed and head convulsey… Then her head turns into a fire hydrant with caps vibrating, literally bursting out water everywhere.  No mess, right?  So, she tries it again.

This time, it turns her into a frozen, snow-lady version of herself; and she’s cold everywhere else.. That’s OK.. But then after that, she becomes a blender, rapidly blending ice everywhere.

Hard to find alts, so here’s ManyMany’s HD copy..  

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Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines - 1; Fan Head, Water funnel, and Ice Cube

Hell yeah. So, this ad was popular enough to get more than one. But hold your horses.. They’re queued up!

So, in this ad, a guy’s having the product. OK. But when he’s trying the product, his head convulses rapidly between each try… And the first turns his head and neck into a metallic fan, blowing things all over his bathroom.. Cool.  Next, he has a giant water funnel/vortex replacing them.  After that, the vortex freezes around his head in a giant ice cube.  Eventually he breaks out.

So.. yeah! This stuff is like, usually perfect.

Done by  Here’s a mirror of their Vimeo’s DL.


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Chuck E Cheese Ad - Token to Kids to Tokens

OK, so three token skeletons/stacks that are animated turn into kids and toss a token at the camera.  They have fun for most of the ad, until near the end, where they have spinning tokens for heads.  Cool! The tokens spin into toys, too..! And Chuck e Cheese turns them back into tokens.

I think this ad just tried to be a copycat, since the idea seems kinda subversive when you think about it.  Kids are only token stacks? What are they spending?

Stay for the replaced heads, though. B) (lol.)

Great ad, 100%, Anon! Thank you!

Any alts found?

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Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama App - Tentacle Bursting, Dot Becoming

So, this guy uses this app to make two things change before his eyes.  First, he uses the ‘waves’ part of the Vuitton/Kusama app to make tentacles *burst* out from this awesome pot in the living room.

Then, despite my hopes that he’d use the same part when his playful friend shows up, he instead chooses the ‘dots’ setting. So, she begins turning into layers of dots, before they get blown away by the ad continuing on.

Info from the director, Guillaume Cosson:

Producer : Elegangz ///

Director : Guillaume Cosson ///

Executive producer : Réactive Zone ///

Production manager : Loutfi Maatouk ///

Director of photography : Clément Arenou ///

3D : Microbe Studio ///

Make Up : Cindy Galhac ///

Hairstyle : Samuel Chikly ///

Model : Sandra Dim ///

Music : Jean-Christophe Gutierres ///

So, here’re the alts! (Microbe Studio, the CG Company’s)

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Kinder Maxi - School

This ad, similar to a previous in the series, has a guy sitting in his chair at school slowly sinking down into the growing cloud Kinder Maxi creates.  Pretty cool, and a bit more palpable than the previous one.

Arthur Gordon puts the production down at PGLL. I wonder who they are?  YMMV, though.

Kinder Maxi - Cloud Floating

Directed by Sebastien Drhey, this lady is walking from a store, and is so busy.  Finally gets home, opens up a cabinet with Kinder Maxi inside, and she eagerly takes a piece. 

Wind blows her at home, and soons he’s nestling on a cloud that has formed between her body and the couch.  

Same ad, with a bit more reclining: