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Anonymous said: Hey, TGWTVHS here. I'm looking for a complete version on a "Tales From The Darkside" commercial from... 1988? It has a kid's head transforming onto several different movie monsters, and was done in claymation. I found a complete SHORTER version, but I'm looking for the longer one. Both are on youtube. Any chance you can help out? -TGWTVHS

Yeah, this’s hard to find. The best I got are the two things you likely found already; a 20s version starting at the Vampire head (partial), or the short version which has everything (?) sped up (alt).

Sigh, sigh.  Definitely posting a lead here. Anybody else spot the promo for this ad?  See the partial versions above! B)

Marking this for a lead; Basically, a guy in a graveyard has all the monster faces one after another; no change back in between.


Oh! and I updated this Spaghetti-Os ad with the high quality copy you posted! Thanks again, ThatGuyWithTheVHS B) <3

warnershane said: I remember this one commercial. It was advertising some sort of protein bar. It basically showed a few women at a baby shower. One of the women in said shower offered the pregnant woman some cake, to which the pregnant woman declined, instead sticking to eating said bar. Then, without warning, the face of the woman who offered the cake went all demonic and scary. If anyone has seen this commercial, or knows the name of the bar being advertised, I would be really grateful. Thanks.

Googled it a little, nothing so far..

I’ll put it out here. Anybody else have info on it?  I think I recall what you mean— that face was supposed to be the pregnant lady (or other heros) refusing some sugar addiction/politeness demon thing… I think.


So, the ad’s called “Pachinko”, which means it could be really interesting if we find it.

Kino Smile Mint.

Anonymous said: I remember there was a McDonald's ad back in 2002 for their Pinocchio toys. The little girl pushed her Pinocchio toy's nose which led to her dad's nose growing. Or there was one from the UK for a DVD company where the mom asked the kids where all the DVDs came from, and the dad's nose grew for some reason. Would be totally awesome if you could help me find these. I've had zero Lu k so far. Thanks!

That sounds really badass. Tagging this as a lead! And, googling now!

Anonymous said: Hi there, I found that you post a clorets´s commercial some time ago where a man gets a onion head. I am looking for another one that has the same premise, but is in a concert. I have only found this screen capture photos1DOTbloggerDOTcom/blogger/4019/3142/1600/cloredsDOTjpg, maybe you could help me.

Here’s a direct link for people:

But, really, here’ sthe blog post:  Para el mal sabor de boca

Author seems to say that he/she did work on it.. but ouch, 8 years ago.. hm.. Vimeo’s got nothing..

Any other help on this?

Anonymous said: Hey, Anon here. Love the work you do. I was just wondering if you knew anything about a commercial(may have been an insurance commercial, but can't be certain) where a woman was flattened by a steamroller, similar to the Indian Mint Elevator Ad. I remember seeing it a long time ago but so far haven't been able to find it. That's all. Anyways, see ya :)


I think I’ve seen that one!!! But that’s about all I got..

Any other help out there? I mean, insurance?  hm..

Marked this with other leads!

Anonymous said: two chuck e cheese commercials in youtube /watch?v=hzZtpYhseyY /watch?v=VuAwm_AoWZ0 I am sure there is anather version of the second one, but in a classroom, but I haven´t found it yet.

You guyyyys!  B)  Thanks, btw!  I hoped somebody would help me out here.. :D   And that old anon (is this you?) would be glad!

Maintaining THIS post as a lead as well— you said there’s a classroom one.. hm.. *thinks!*

SKOL 360 - Praiabilidade - Beach Scene

So, much thanks to InflateHer for making me aware of this fuller-copy of the Praiabilidade scene from SKOL 360!

Here’s a download from Mediafire in case the original from TrebolAnimation goes down.  ( ? )

You’ll note there’s a big scene in the middle where a girl also inflates. Woot!

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Tic Tac Bold - “Thrill your Mouth” - Mouth Bulges

So, much thanks to SomethingAlwaysCloseToHeart for having found a copy of this ad. (Hey, ASCTH, help me link to your response directly? alas..)

Starts at 0:30.

So, just as I mentioned, this guy has some Tic Tacs in his mouth, and they bounce around a lot, pulling his cheeks out due to the bulges they leave. P. Cool, Then the girl next to him tries one, too, and she has the same effect.  Even cooler! :D  

No high res, alts, or a guaranteed location/info, so this’s still a ‘lead’.. Always glad to have help!

Damn, I want all the info from this post.. Especially since the production agency might give me some leads to find higher quality copies of any ads associated in here.

Hm :/