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Boneca - Ms. Potato Face (?)

In this ad, a girl can place whatever eyes or lips on her face that she wants.. and they get a bit of life while attached.  Kinda surreal, but it’s a metaphor for a girl being able to try on all the looks Boneca can cause, I think.  YMMV!

Anunciante: Berenice

Agência: Santa Clara

Produção: Fat Bastards

Finalização: Tribbo Post

Direção: Pedro Becker


Dirol - Lip-Face People

You know, they had one with Marylin Monrone in this series.. Did I link that here? If not, can someone help? ;u; 

In thi sad, the little Dirol gum robot goes all around the city, hanging out with people who are basically mouth-faces.   Kinda cool, I suppose, and def. worth a look if you think lips are hot.

Thank you very much, RGT!

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Keystone Light - Party

OMG, Gyronemo, I think this was the ad that made me like the campaign.  Finally, some female bitter-beer sufferers. >u>  Thank you, dude!

Uh, so yeah, besides that spoiler, what Gyro says in the video description’s right.  First, one guy tastes the bitter beer, and off-screens his CG scrunchy mouth face.  Then two other guys who were off-screen are new victims..  And then the two girls the first guy was speaking to have also tasted the beer!  Sweeet.  Sound effects for the stretching and everything!

New dude walks in with Keystone Light between the off-screen dudes who are still suffering the bitterness.  After everybody’s fixed, he is back with the original dude, saying he’ll get the girl on the right.  Girl on the left is still suffering from bitter beer face!  Pretty cool, though I feel a bit bad for her since she seems ashamed, haha.  :/  (I’d pick you, girl on left!!!! Uhh, if you’re into that, haha—another adlover isn’t.. ;) ? )

Are there any alts for this?

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Bitter Beer Face - Baseball

Sweet. This ad in the bitter beer campaign begins to acknowledge how commonly-felt bitter beer now is; IE: you’re used to seeing bitter beer on TV, or hearing it from friends.  (This’s the new angle I was waiting for, so thank you for reminding us, Gyronemo :D )

So, one guy tastes the bitter beer after a baseball game.  While off-screen, the girls are disgusted by his bitter beer face.  Then three other guys also taste the beer, only to vigorously vibrate their heads to the taste of the beer…. And all these guys have their lower lips now bitterly turned up over their nose!  

Sparky, the labrador, gets in the mix as well. CG was done, because these guys hold their bitter beer face until a new dude arrives with Keystone Light.  Sweet. 

Thanks again, dude :D

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Keystone Light - Poker (Casino?)

Thanks again, Gyronemo!

In this one, a guy is playing poker versus a high roller poker player.  He breaks the tension with bitter beer, and the high roller’s, like, “WTF?” .  Seems to work out though— the fool’s got the girls in the end. YMMV on the beer scene.  

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Keystone Light - Best Man

Thanks for remembering all these, Gyronemo!  I’m glad that you have such a variety of selection— I guess I am lazy in putting these out first.. B)

A newlywed couple asks their best man to give his reception speech.  He does, and it’s bad; goes on forever. To remedy this, somebody hands him Bitter Beer. Huh huh huh huh. :/  So, he makes a bad face, everybody’s shocked.  YMMV, because the face seems less CG or well-edited/acted to others.  But if you’ve liked the rest in this series, definitely take a peek!

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Keystone Light - Billiards / Pool

Thanks again, Gyronemo! B)

In this ad, a guy’s playing billiards/pool with his friend.  He accidentally rockets his cueball across the bar. It lands in a buff dude’s girlfriend’s salsa/dip, spattering her.  Buff dude’s pissed, and begins to menacingly approach the guy.. But he takes a sip of his bitter beer, and the effects make sure he’s plenty embarrassed already! TuT;

No YMMV on this one— the scene’s kinda drawn out now that they had a running gag/campaign that people recognized.


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Keystone Light - Wedding 

Thanks again, gyronemo!  In this ad, a newlywed wife asks her husband to dance with her mom.  After making a fool of himself by letting her fall into the food table, he tries to break the tension by drinking some bitter beer. HA.   Again, the effects’ beginning is off-screen :/ But we cut back to him in an extra-long struggle with the bitterness, his face scrunching up and lips turning up.  After that, though, everybody’s cool again.


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Keystone Light - Bitter Beer Face

Many thanks to Gyronemo for uploading copies to his channel and remembering that we’re missing these classics! :D  It’s very hard to find other copies, so let me know if you can find others!

In this ad, a man’s at a bar, drinking with his boss and coworkers.  A super gothed-out chick comes in that he calls a, “Freakshow”.  Turns out it’s the boss’s daughter. So what does he do? Sips from this bitter beer.  Cut to everyone at the table, disgusted at his sudden ‘bitter beer face’. Back to him with this “lips and cheeks trying to eat each other.”  Kinda like his lips are scrunching up into his mouth.

After having made a fool of himself, everybody’s cool, though. YMMV, though, only because the scene’s brief.  Other ads in the series def. play it out with much more CG, haha. B)


And both of their original source:

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Bon Bon Bum - Mouth Escape

So, Bon Bon Bum recently uploaded a TON of ads— many of which are copies.. Well, it works for alts, at least!

In this ad, a guy trying to enjoy his BBB finds his mouth runs all over his face to escape trying it.  


This brand seems hard enough to find as it is, so I suggest you keep a copy of this ad if you’d like it for posterity!

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