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Feria del Libro - Sucking Letters from a Page

I don’t know what it is, but it’s kinda hot to see how happily, amusedly, or even passively that she sucks the words right out of this book.  I feel a bit bad for the book, though. Won’t it miss those words? I wonder how it feels about this. Hm…

Info from 1-1-Once ‘s vimeo:

ProducciÓn: colombo films
director: tana vallejo
agencia: soul+toro fischer
direcciÓn grÁfica y composiciÓn: diego martÍnez


Mediafire link to LaMuve’s copy (to save any Vimeo bandwidth?):

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Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic - Black liquid coating melt

In this ad, Erika Sawawajiri’s coated in this black liquid, that slowly melts/recedes from her.  She’s naked underneath, whew!  NSFW.

Hard to find much else.  Here’s the info from Youtube if you need it:

沢尻エリカ Erika Sawajiri たかの友梨CM 解禁篇 30s.ver  ( 「沢尻エリカ、解禁」篇 30s.ver )

It has HQ, too.

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Lucozade - 1996 Contagious Orangeness

In this ad, some bad events are set in motion when a TV falls out a window. However, one guy has a Lucozade.  This temporarily turns him into an orange-fluid filled shape (Lucozade?), and he jumps over to touch a woman’s leg, who also changes, who jumps up to a pole to touch a cat trapped up there, who jumped down onto a guy, who dances and touches another girl, who jumps and saves someone underneath the falling TV.

YMMV, yeah.

Alts: Starting at 2:27 starting at 1:32.

2 Fresh Hollywood Gum - Water Transformation

In this ad, people chew the gum, run around and cause mischief, until they dunk into a fountain and are returned to normal.—coignoux/hollywood-_-splash

Updated March 13, 2014

Alts:  Director Eric Coignoux

MOVIE: Waverly Place Puddle

Included due to somebody who might like liquification—a brother casts a spell on his sister to liquefy her.

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