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Milk!: It ain’t just kids’ stuff - Animated Baby

YMMV on this one, Found it on LawCreative+’s Vimeo.  Seems to feature an animated baby making his way around his live-action bedroom and live-action parents.  Sadly, I didn’t see anything zany going on here besides the cartoonishness of it.  I miss anything?

(FYI, I can’t find anything else online about this ad; if you like it, you should seek it!)

Kids WB Bendies Series - Stretchy Limbs

OK, thanks to the anon who reminded me of this and even dropped the keywords into my lap! B)  Often times, there’re ads I have to catch up on, not just are simply new..

Anyways! This is part of a series— the youtube vid at the top shows three of the few, so here’s a collection/description set:

Water Tower Rock:  In this ad, the Water Tower can move, and so it plays a riff on a guitar loud enough to blow away two kids, one clinging onto the ground fighting it.  They get stretchy while some parts of them can keep up with the force, and some parts can’t..


Motorcycle/Chopper Driveaway - starting from the front, a camera pans around a motorcycle hopping for its chance to go; so the kid hits the gas, and soon the bike’s gone, leaving his stretchy top halves to pause before dramatically being pulled away..


Stretchy Strutting:  You can see it as the last of the three ads in the above youtube clip.  In it, a boy is in a weird walk cycle that lets him stretch his arms and legs while having a long strut.  Turns out that he’s not the only one, and three other kids are also walking in a circle— looks like it’s on the ground, though, but.. Eh. I guess physics work differently in KidsWB World B)

Rubber Guitar - A girl plays a guitar riff that stretches her hand all the way down the guitar’s twisty neck; before she plays the riff back and descends back down the neck to the bottom, her stretchy neck and head pop in for a KISS-band like tongue-stickout.  Then she pulls back and strums a bit more.


For more info, look at Riverstreet.

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Sony Ericsson - Colour Your Life - Graffiti Acting Out

Well, hard to title this ad. Really, what happens is that this girl, as she listens to music on her Sony Ericsson phone, motion graphics and characters start stretching out from places. Then they start doing naughty things.. Hard to explain.

For example, a little cartoonish/illustrated cute chompy mouth thing eats a car as she passes by.  Then she ‘throws’ the paint effect onto three people sitting outside a coffee shop, giving them animated 2D character figure heads, like a block with a face, a squid, or another Jellybean face with a hat.

She runs up a wall, painting the wall, flopping on a chair outside, getting up, and the pillow from the chair stretches out these big legs to get up..

When her boyfriend (?friend?) calls, the colors stop as she answers the phone; seeing him, her hand on his back causes not only a pattern to appear on his shirt, but another animated color blotch to pop out from underneath where her hand touched and stretches up.

Via Elena Ho

Client: Sony Ericsson
Title: Colour Your Life
Director: Harry Patramanis
Production Company: Play Films
Production Producers: Julie Chung, David Clarke
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Creative: Thomas Kanofsky
Agency Producer: Gwynn Wong
Post Producer: Gwee Wei Wei
Post Supervisor: Damien Yang
Editor: Tammy Quah
Colorist: Adrian Ooi
Compositors: Damien Yang, Leong Beng Wee, Kean Au, Garth O’Bryan
Designer: Elena Ho
CG Animators: Freddie Coles, Archie A. Olarte, Joey D. Trinidad, Ganesh Ghale, Yang Si Shuo, Tan Jian Hong, Joanne Tong
Sound: Song Zu


FIFA 14 - It Just Got Real

Many thanks to Omega for finding this ad. I’m sure you’ll see why if you take a peek - live action and CG, and slow mo, bit-by-bit TF!

Unfortunately, the high quality Vimeo I have (above) isn’t as good as the full length of what Omega sent. Here’s his text:

My last ad may be one on your radar already but i’ll tell you anyway. The ad is for fifa 14 essentially the player press the a button on his xbox and slowly turns into a 3-d model of a player. It is really well executed and has become one of mine favorites

Dude. Another favorite of mine, too. And no, it’s not on my radar at all. B) What a win, right here. B) <3

Here’re some ad details from Vimeo:

Project name: FIFA 14 on Xbox One, “Messimorphosis - It Just Got Real”
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy
Creative Directors: Mike Farr, Pierre Janneau 
Art Director: Ignasi Tudela Calafell
Copywriter: David Smith
Head of Production: Erik Verheijen
Agency Producer: Jaime Tan
Planner: Ben Armistead
Group Account Director: Kirk Johnsen
Account Director: Nick Campion
Account Manager: Kerstin Hagg
Project Manager: Janna Harrington
Business Affairs: Justine Young
Production Company: STINK, LONDON
Director: Tomek Baginski
Director of Photography: Stoeps Langensteiner
Producer: Andrew Porteous
Editing Company: THE WHITEHOUSE
Editor: Adam Marshall
Edit Assistant: Stephen Dunne
Post Production: MPC AMSTERDAM
VFX Supervisor: Franck Lambertz
CG Supervisor: Carsten Keller
Telecine MPC via remote
Colourist: George K.
Producer: Gerben Molenaar, Jamie Loudon
Sound Designer/Mixer: Raja Sehgal
Music Company: PIVOT AUDIO
Music Title: “Messimorphosis”
Composer: Guy Amitai

Thanks, Jamie Tan’s vimeo!

Alts: (this one’s the full!)

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Yoplait - Schtoozim - Curly & Puffy Floating

YMMV, but this ad is pretty noteworthy to me for how surreal it is.  Another from Gravity.Co.Il.

In this ad, a fairy/witch goes around and poofs outfits and long hairs into curly, floating, puffy things.  It could be more awesome if she lived in a live action world, but she instead lives in this paper animation/CG world.  It’s not so bad when you see live action faces on animated bodies, but the fact it’s adolescents who seem more like props, versus knowing or reacting to what’s going on, makes this ad YMMV.

Keep something in mind: Yoplait has been doing great things with Gravity, so I think I should dig a bit more.

Alts: (has both ads in the series, the other has no inflation, though.) (Both ads as well)

Lifesavers Squeez-Its - Animated Tongue

Not much I noticed in this ad. DId I miss something? But in one scene, a girl has a long animated tongue that she uses to lick a lifesavers into a faint hoop & nothingness.

YMMV, though.

Despicable Me - Minion Ride (Minion TF) - 5:31

Thanks to MonsterMaster13 for sending this!  Must’ve looked long and hard, so I appreciate this. B)  This isn’t an ad, but it’s part of a live action ride. Since Universal may not want this online, I suggest you download it ASAP…

At 5:31, you can see a live action kid is hit with a beam (from off-screen), and is poof-TFed into three different forms.  YMMV, but could be worth your time :D  Might be worth seeing in person, too!

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Fruit Roll Ups - 1001 Taste Adventures (#1) - Neighborhood

In this ad, the wizard Rolluppo (sp?) comes flying down, and when kids bite a bit of a fruit roll up, they’re smoothly moved off-screen and animated in the new location, or in the same location.  Pretty slick for early 1990s.

Definitely a fave. I suggest you download it.  Features: A girl who bites one, and begins (animated) twisting uncontrollably, a girl who bites one, pops down offscreen and rockets (animated) up as a 2D square plane, and finally a boy who bites one and is pulled down into a zig-zag spring shape (2d similarly) and bounces around.

FYI, THIS IS JUST ONE OF AT LEAST TWO IN THIS SERIES.  IN ANOTHER, KIDS ARE TURNED INTO OTHER SHAPES, LIKE FIGURE 8s or CARS.  Finding this series has to be one of my major passions of this blog—the other ones are fondly remembered, and probably why I started this blog.

Info at Metamorphose, too.

Thanks for reminding me I hadn’t posted this, anon!

Update April 5th, 2013:

The old version is here:

Starting at 4 minutes, 35 seconds.

Update Jul 15th, 2013: 

Alts, again:

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Our Dynamic Earth - Monkey TF And De-evolution

In this ad, a man who is talking about “Our Dynamic Earth” turns into a human ancestor/predecessor, then turns into a dinosaur, then on and on..!

(Shame he didn’t revert in between each one. :( )

Stolen from Kronfli Duliba Production’s site. (Sorry, I would’ve linked to a youtube posting of yours, but I don’t see any there. :( ) Also: Credit to HallOfAdvertising on youtube for directing me to their site!

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SuperMercado Gonçalves - Bunny Heads

In this ad, people who shop, work at, or enjoy Gonçalves supermarkets have CG/toony bunny heads on top of their own.  The family you see throughout the ad walks out of Gonçalves with such heads— no TF, sadly.