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Agogo Superhiperacido - Blue Tongue Girl Bumper
(And, well, the original ad, whatever)

The part I care about comes after the kinda so-so quality of the smoky scene with the kids w/ white eyes & ‘blue tongues’..  Starts at 13 sec.

I think this was part of another ad.. so I’m also marking this as a lead..!

In this, a girl who just has the candy, has her eyes bulge out of her sockets (yes! shown!), her tongue be super long and blue, and her scarf changing colors…! Pretty badass.

Any more info? Hm..  I’ll let you know if I find a copy!

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5 Seeds - “Delivery Girls” & Bunny Frog

In this ad, two delivery people are bringing 5 Seeds somewhere. Whatever. Everybody’s waving to them, and they seem nice.. for guys with beards & thick glasses and a voluptuous, female body. Hm…

Might be up some people’s alleys here. Besides that, there’s a kinda violent & grotesque/exciting scene of a rabbit snaring a fly with its long tongue. Hm…


Featuring Luke Hines - SASS MGMT NSW

Production Company: BMF

Client: Toohey’s

Alts: (HQ as well) (HQ)

Planet Lunch - Teacher Shrink / Swap

Pretty cool, Zaired!  Thanks for all your help seeking this out and bringing it to us! Wow, it’s been two years..

So, in this ad, some haughty professor intimidates his class, until the PLanet Lunch narrator steps in, and changes the situation. Soon, the frog in the glass bauble (? Bell jar? whatevs) has replaced the professor, in size and in ruling of the class.   Frog is big and CG and has an interesting voice..

What I liked was the shot of the professor, later, shooting his now long-tongue out to get a fly— which hits the edge of his bell jar cage. B)


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Super Hiper Acido - Aterralenguas - Tongue Control Loss

Very cool ad, so thank you very much for sharing this, Anon!  (Best part is that I could find a few more to share with y’all thanks to you :D )

In this ad, a boy who tries the treat, he can’t keep his mouth shut even though the announcer’s telling him to.  Because once his mouth opens up, his massive blue tongue escapes and flops out everywhere— into the foreground from the first picture.  Very cool transition scenes where his eyes pop out, you can see the stems poking out from his eyesockets.  So, his super-long tongue’s trying to escape? Pretty cool. :D

Directed by Diego Londoño

from The Zoo Productions. (Youtube)

Super Hyper (Hiper) Acido - Paloma/ Worms / Explosion

Well, there are two ads in this. The above version, and this alternate, here. Which is the real one? Which had both? Any ideas? (Lead request)

Thanks to the anon who brought this up. In the combined ad, I’ll say this happens:

A boy is eating these sour worms, but before he does, a bird flies in through the open window. It eats one, and suddenly explodes into a cartoonish alternate CGI version of itself. Bemused at the fact the pidgeon can’t handle the candy, the boy then eats a gummi.

(Splice alt ad parts in here), The gummies themselves then burst into cartoonish versions of themselves. Looks like he ate some in their less insane state.  The worm takes its effect, and causes his eyes to bulge out and tongue to droop down. (in the version with the worms exploding, the boy’s face bulges and distorts more)

Back to the original ad, there’s an explosion coming from downstairs. What happened?

Favorite right here. Super Hyper Acido is an amazing foreign brand and seems rife with content. I can only imagine what happened after, like the boy turned into a cartoon.. or somebody goes downstairs… eh. I may never know. :/  Any other leads on a full version?

Info from Mauricio Ledesma Cardona:

Director: Mauricio Ledesma C.
DP: Nano Moreno
Post Produccion: TC POST  (AKA: Telecolombia , AKA Fox-Telecombia Post)
Agencia: Leo Burnett

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Bubbaloo Blueberry - Haunted House (India)

There’re two versions— the one above is the full version, and the shorter version’s the alt below.

In it, four kids try Bubbaloo Blueberry in the creepy graveyard in a scary guy’s yard.  After they try it, blue dots circle around their head and coalesce onto their tongue, making a new blue tongue that waggles in its place. (One of my faves in this!)

The ending TF of a girl’s tongue TF is shown, too, with her tongue already waggling and her being pulled forward after the dots’ presumed effect. :)

Then they presume to scare him in his own house by popping otu of everywhere with CG blue tongues, like even raising from a coffin. :D <3

A favorite! Though needs a bit more of a stretch.. :)


Info from Gopi Puthran's channel:

Director: Vishal Manglorekar
Copywriter: Gopi Puthran
By Contract Advertising

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Bubaloo Acidoloco, Venezuela - More Wagging Blue Tongues

Another in the series, but from another country.  In this same ad, another kid has the product, gains a wagging blue tongue after an eye-bug out, and his friends have one, too.

There’re more in the series, but I can’t find them yet. :x I think there’re a few that’re longer and have a girl TFing in them, but.. faint memory.  I’ll post more if I can find them.

Info from the video (from Karla Blanco):

Prahka Producciones
Director: Braulio Rodríguez
Executive Producer: Carolina Gil
Production Coordinator: Karla Blanco 
Post-production: Amorpheus
Agency: JWT


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Bubbaloo - Blue Acid (Acido Azul) - Eye Bulge & Tongue

In this ad directed by Leche Ruiz, a boy tries the sour bubbaloo, only to have his eyes bulge out, and then his tongue (now blue), pop out and begin waving uncontrollably.

Believe it or not, I think this ad’s a re-do!!

I can’t find other copies, though, so get this one while you can. 

Info from Leche Ruiz:

Marca: Bubbaloo
Cliente: Cadbury Adams
Agencia: J. Walter Thompson
Casa Productora: Circo Films
Director: Leche

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Lifesavers Squeez-Its - Animated Tongue

Not much I noticed in this ad. DId I miss something? But in one scene, a girl has a long animated tongue that she uses to lick a lifesavers into a faint hoop & nothingness.

YMMV, though.

Campbells MeatBalls - Meatball Body, other weirdness

Hey, another favorite!  This is thanks to James, since he found out that Campbell ads in the UK are all wacky like this one.

In the top clip, starts at 2:17.  Boy with a weird voice over has his head twist around, then he has his stomach bulge a bunch until his lower half turns into a meatball, allowing him to go through history with a meatball belly.   (Egypt, Caveman alongside Stonehenge)

Besides the rock drummer with a long tongue and meatball body, there’s a boy who’s swimming, and gets.. what? Squeegeed by meatballs and colored like one (IE: Tan?)

Def worth a look.