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Malabar - Eyes (Yeux)

Crappy version above.


When a girl seductively inflates and deflates her bubble gum, the boy she’s interested in’s eyes inflate correspondingly… Until a pop.  (I wonder what she’s looking at?)

Done by Gang Films.

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Malabar - Soiree Derriere 

Alternate DailyMotion version (Maybe better?).

Thanks for the reminder, Zairedwinters. B) 

No idea who produced this ad. I’m thinking it’s TBWA France & Gang Films again, but it’s really hard to find credits.

One more from Malabar coming up.

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Malabar - Beach Breasts (and frogs, in the file)

I never knew who were the directors for this ad.  Now I know, it’s Rachel and Fabrice Carazzo from Gangfilms who directed this Malabar beach spot.

Two ads in the link above, only one in the video—

If a girl blows a bubble of Malabar, her breasts deflate while the bubble expands.  She captivates a girl who watches.

In the second ad, a girl who is blowing bubbles in her room attracts a flock of frogs who seem to inflate either due to the Gum’s power, or just while trying to mimic her.

There’s another by Malabar that takes place at a party, and another where a boy’s eyes bulge.  Both are hard to find now..

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