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McDonalds - Tiger Action Toys (May 2001) - “Jaw Dropping”

I think I need this as a tag. “Jaw Dropping”.. Much thanks to ThatGuyWithTheVHS for posting this!

Basically, after the segment with Ronald McDonald, two kids are playing with toys named “Shelby” from Tiger electronics… Hm.. But I guess it’s so cool, the boy’s jaw drops, and he even has to pick it up

Anything that legitimizes that a “TF Happened” is cool in my book.  Can’t find any other copies.

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Keystone Light - Best Man

Thanks for remembering all these, Gyronemo!  I’m glad that you have such a variety of selection— I guess I am lazy in putting these out first.. B)

A newlywed couple asks their best man to give his reception speech.  He does, and it’s bad; goes on forever. To remedy this, somebody hands him Bitter Beer. Huh huh huh huh. :/  So, he makes a bad face, everybody’s shocked.  YMMV, because the face seems less CG or well-edited/acted to others.  But if you’ve liked the rest in this series, definitely take a peek!

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Keystone Light - Billiards / Pool

Thanks again, Gyronemo! B)

In this ad, a guy’s playing billiards/pool with his friend.  He accidentally rockets his cueball across the bar. It lands in a buff dude’s girlfriend’s salsa/dip, spattering her.  Buff dude’s pissed, and begins to menacingly approach the guy.. But he takes a sip of his bitter beer, and the effects make sure he’s plenty embarrassed already! TuT;

No YMMV on this one— the scene’s kinda drawn out now that they had a running gag/campaign that people recognized.


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Bon Bon Bum - Mouth Escape

So, Bon Bon Bum recently uploaded a TON of ads— many of which are copies.. Well, it works for alts, at least!

In this ad, a guy trying to enjoy his BBB finds his mouth runs all over his face to escape trying it.  


This brand seems hard enough to find as it is, so I suggest you keep a copy of this ad if you’d like it for posterity!

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Arcor Big Big - Lips Cling and Head Bubble ! (FAVE)

OMG, anon, I LOVE you for submitting this ad.

In this ad, a girl, then a boy, promote their individual Big Big candies. (I think one is actually a related brand that’s just named differently for it being a lollipop? Moving on.)

The girl shows off how good the candy is in front of the camera, but when trying to pull it out of her mouth (presumably), her lips stay stuck and she gives it back to her mouth with a big CG smirk.

The boy chews the gum, has a few cheek bulges, blows a big green bubble, and the bubble blowbacks, making his head big, green, and translucent!   Wow! Awesome! <3

DEF Favorite and download these. I’m curious about leads for more on this Brasilian series!

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McDonalds - Mouth & Eyebrow Stretch

In this Netherlands ad for McDonalds in the 90s, a man is being asked what he wants, and when finally being super-specific, his mouth gets bigger when going ‘cheese’ I think.

YMMV, though.

Need for Speed Underground 2 - Driving on a female’s body

Not sure how to describe this. In the beginning, you think the race is about to begin on the street. But when she waves the flag, racers on another starting line begin.. and you see them race up her leg, up her skirt (tunnel?), around her belly button (pierced), up her chest and into her mouth, smoking the tires in there as she closes her mouth satisfied and begins the race again. Hm.. Pretty cool.

Def up some people’s alley.

Any HQ copies found?


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Xylitol - Brushing mouth reflection

Hey, been really distracted and not getting anything done. Really enjoying it. ;P

Hate to leave you guys out, though. This’s been sitting in the drafts. I haven’t done anything with it because I really like the ad and want more info :(

Anyone else mind getting all the alts & info for me?  If not, I can’t blame you. B)

ALSO: Feel free to mention more ads that are old and obscure! I may not know about them!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs - Fall Apart, Big Grin

Edixonki mentioned this to me awhile ago. I tried looking through the blog for it, but it looks like I didn’t post it?  Posting it now that I found other copies..

Starts at 1:19 in the above clip.  In it, a girl who has a cute guy at the supermarket tell her that Reese’s takes even more like the treat, tries it and disintegrates (shocked) into puffs.  Later, she grows/gains a very wide grin. :3

Alts:  at 0:05

Trebor T Drops - Indonesia - Girl’s mouth is filled with fruit

I love this ad. Hell, it’s my icon here on Tumblr.

Yeah, a girl who eats this fruit finds that there’s so much fruity flavor that her cheeks start bulging with the fruit growing inside.  Soon there’s so many that they pull her mouth apart and wide open, so you can see how all the fruits are laid out. (2D CG right there, hum.).  Then they succumb down and she swallows them.

Totally awesome, IMHO, and I hope you find a higher quality copy of this ad somehow to share.