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Parmalat - Pure Joy - Naturegasm - Turn On The Weather

So, this girl begins drinking Pure Joy Parmalat, and the wind blows, the sky opens up, and the woodland creatures rush to her side ,fanning a breeze at her.. Then she does it again, and flowers grow, more hummingbirds return along with the sun and wind…

Kinda like getting a naturegasm?  OK, going to create that as a new tag.  Hey! I made a TINYURL so you can link to this ad and my coining! Tell your friends

(I mean like, “Oh god, I’m radiating nature in an orgasmic way”)

Alts: <— not for long, but the other ads are better q.

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Vitana - Nature Invading

In a family kitchen, where they’re making some food, nature starts pushing its way in by pushing up boards, growing some crops on the ground.. Family acts like it’s all natural, as a dad comes into the scene and pulls up a ‘blind’, upon which had been the previous back wall of the kitchen.

Yubileinoe - Heniing Winkelmann

Sorry, — I’m posting it because I can’t find a copy elsewhere on the internet.. :(  (I can’t even find information on Heniing Winkelmann, the supposed director..)

A lady tries a Yubileinoe (cracker? Haven’t re-watched in awhile), only to have nature sprout up behind her everywhere she goes.