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Ratchet & Clank - Sheepinator ( Backyard)

So, in this ad, kids are about to transform a cat into a sheep.. using the gun from the game.. until the cat jumps down and the parents come back.


I can’t find it on, though. Hm…

Ratchet & Clank - Morph-O-Ray - Chicken Poof

Another one WhatIReallyLIke (and MonsterMaster13 ) have recommended to me— in this ad, friends turn their friend into a chicken.  Kinda weird afterwards, when they’re all running around, chasing their ex-friend. One guy’s like, “We can change him back, right?”  Haha… 


Ratchet & Clank 3 - Spanish Ad

Nice find, WhatIReallyLike; I couldn’t find another copy of this. Maybe if I knew spanish better… :/  Anyways.. 

In this ad, two neighbor kids have a comical gun fight, shooting at each other with bigger and bigger artillery.  Until they destroy something the little sister values— her little dog’s doghouse.  So she poofs them into sheep.

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Zewa Wisch&Wes - Touch & Disappear

Take it away, contributing anon! <3 (And thank you!)

A stressed woman comes home to her messy apartment and her manchild of a partner. After easily cleaning the flat with her new Zewa towels she uses one to wipe away her partner and make him vanish. 

Couldn’t’ve said it better myself!  I’d like to point out that it’s more ilke “Touching” him with the Zewa towel that makes him disappear.  So it’s a bit of a poof.  Might be up your alley, though, viewers. B)

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Sprite - Nothing Soft About It - 

THanks for the lead and the links, WhatIReallyLike :D

This ‘reality show’ taking place on a set has all the people working there eliminated, to leave only 6. So there’s some comedy about how a cowboy lasoos a student, a wizard zaps and turns two students into chickens, UFO comes in and shoots people, a barbarian does.. and a penguin blows a chilly burst, eliminating another contestant.  (Damn, I would’ve voted for her!  Oh, wait, this’s about scripts. )

Info from Olive Make-up Artistry:

Sprite - “Sprite Film Contest” featuring Tyrese Gibson
Director : Ryan Ebner
Olive : Key Make-Up/Hair/Special FX


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One2One - Vic2Terry - Head Overlay

YMMV on this, so it’s just a brief note.  In LawCreative+'s ad for One2One .. cellular?  A man flashbacks to his time in the 1950s as a kid, with a quick shot of his old adolescent self having his modern self head overlaid into the past—basically, young body, old head and thoughts.

Burger King Kids’ Choice Awards - Nickelodeon Toys (Fish TF)

So, in this weird house that seemed perfect for more mayhem, all that happens is a kid TFs via poof (IE: disappear, then replacement) into the goldfish in his bowl. (PS, you know you don’t put Goldfish in bowls, right?)

Another thanks to GeorgeVHS!

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Lotte Auco - Anime Character TF

In this ad, a guy takes some Acuo gum.  His breath smells in such a way that all the women who catch a whiff turn into a [currently popular] anime character.. with the exclusion of three cat girls..!

I only recognize Haruhi, so I hope you all do better.  

Thanks for your help, MaxwellElvis B)!

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Underroos - Transformation via portaling/wearing

So, in this ad, three boys who put on their underoos underwear are transformed into the character depicted on the underwear.  

The characters, in order, are a character from MASK, He-Man, and Optimus Prime.  Legs get TFed, but then the top half is poofed. (Of course, right?)

But then there’s underoos undershirts, so the he-man kid has his head and arms TF.  


Budweiser - Fountain of Youth

In this ad, a tourguide presents the Budweiser fountain of youth to his aging tourist clientele.  Turns out that it works.  Downside is that it’s as watered-down as the beer is (j/k!) and only has a poof TF :(

On the plus side, it’s not so bad. Definitely take a peek, and thank Omega if you like it. B)


Metamorphose Info: