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Nestle Joya - Train Melting - More Melting Clothes

So, remember this awesome classic? Sure you do! 

In this sequel, with steamy eyes, a girl eats her Joya on a train while eyeing the object of her affections. Like the previous, his clothes begin melting bit by bit,.  Pretty impressive expressions/acting.

First, his watch melts, then his earbuds cable, then, after a ‘finger licking’ shot for the woman, she exposes his chest after melting his shirt’s strap.  Turnabout is fair play, as she finds her own melting and big-glasses kid is revealed as the cause.  :O

Alts are hard to find. Pretty sure worked on this too, not sure yet.

Here’s an alt download link from Rabel. Wishing I had a download option from Youtube :(

Info from Rabel as well:

Joya Train commercial - Moran Atias - Rabel

Advertisement Agency: Publicis

Director: Ram Baruch

Director of Photography: Emanuel Kadosh

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Layer’r Gel - Fire - Women’s skin Igniting

Really hot.  More in the great campaign for Layer’r’s products.

In this one, a dude uses the product, walks down a bright city block during summer, I suppose.  First girl eating ice cream witnesses him passing, and her ice-cream holding forearm ignites..  And while her ice cream melts, she gently wipes the trail of flame off.

Then, this dude is passing girls washing a convertible..  The girl with the sponge finds her arm catches fire. (The car behind her does as well.)  So, cue a sensual ‘wash self’ scene with the water hose..

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Layer’r Gel - Rain - Raincloud Children

Another for Layer’r! Very cool series, and really glad there’s more coming from their agency’s channel!

In this ad, a guy who applied the gel to his hair is walking. He passes a girl, who notices a pleasing squall of rain falling upon her.. alone! 

And then a group of girls are observing him pass by; a fire hydrant bursts in response to his passing.  They get covered in this water sensually, and are making sexy poses to him in the blurred background.

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DirecTV - Pretty - Marionette Wife in Lingerie Dances

So, this ad may make make more sense if you saw the other two in the series. But maybe not. Thanks, anon!

Anyways, the guy’s in his bedroom, while his wife explains how she’s insecure about her wires due to his removal of wires with DirecTV Genie.  He likes her wires, though, so she (smoothly? Damn!) takes off her bathrobe and reveals her lingerie.

Pretty sure that this’s a B cut. The ideal cut (for me? Lol) would have her “clumsily” flopping on top of him.  And the TV would be off.

Anyways, alts are hard to find for this.


HQ Copy - via Marques Gartrell (Mediafire MIrror)

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Fontvella GO - Naughty Sides out to play, Good Sides at Home~

So, very cool ad to post, IdeasOfMrRiley;

So, in this ad, you see a whole bunch of half bodies.  Strutting around at a club or venue where presumably they all know each other. Scenes of: guy looking out, a girl doing her makeup, a bartender leaning over, a girl strutting in a dance zone, a lady restin gon a couch, three people out on a stoop, and one person looking out .. almost jaded/blazee?

Turns out that these are all naughty halves out at night, because there’s one nice half at home drinking Fontvella Go.  Ahhhhh.

Done by Entropy Studio;

Sky Mexico - “TV Heads” Strip Club

So, at this bar, a whole variety of people are at a club.. You can guess what kind of person they are based on what kind of TV they have— some with old dials, some with flat screens.. etc.  Take a peek at the obvious eye-candy!

So, rgt, thank you and your friend! :D  Very cool, I remember you were looking for this.. :D  Well, there’s more coming up from you two, RGT.. :)

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Dulux Test! - Wife into various Personae

Basically, these are little paints you can take to sample colors throughout your house.

But when this guy does it in his bedroom, the personality and clothes his wife had upon her previous exit get replaced with a new one matching the color..

And she goes through a bunch! Like.. in a pink camisole, blown by air.. in a cheerleader outfit, in a red baywatch one-piece swimsuit, in a purple (?) stripper cop uniform, and black for a catwoman dominatrix…

Hm.. Thanks, Omega B)  And culturepub!

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Asus Transformer Book Trio - Location Transformation

Thanks for this ad, Omega! :D And your patience.

So, in this ad, a long plot happens, transferring the man (and his temporary female acccomplice) between realities— one in the office, and one of excitement.. Just by detaching and reattaching his ASUS Transformer from the keyboard dock.

Well, I wanted one before, but. O_O <3 Haha.

I won’t name all the scenes, since there are so many.. But there’re sexual tones, some teasing, a few fantastical things (IE: a bar of almost ‘circus freaks’ ?) and a few location transformations.

Cote D’or - Animal Man

IN this ad, a dude watching the girl across from him eat a Cote D’Or… And soon his eyes bug out, he knocks the bar on teh ground, and hhe races to the ground with his mouth wide and out.. catching the bar in his mouth right before it hits.. and another girl swinging her heel.. !

Directed by Lars Blumers

Cote d’or - Animal Woman

So, in this ad, a woman grabs a Cote d’Or bar.. As we follow a falling chunk of the bar, her nails get sharp and she scratches them across the surface. Her pupils become sharp, like a cat’s.  She crawls on the table sensuously and eats the other chunk there.  (The guy in the background watches on; he’s another ad in this series)


MASS" said this was directed by Lars Blumers.