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Sky Mexico - “TV Heads” Strip Club

So, at this bar, a whole variety of people are at a club.. You can guess what kind of person they are based on what kind of TV they have— some with old dials, some with flat screens.. etc.  Take a peek at the obvious eye-candy!

So, rgt, thank you and your friend! :D  Very cool, I remember you were looking for this.. :D  Well, there’s more coming up from you two, RGT.. :)

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Dulux Test! - Wife into various Personae

Basically, these are little paints you can take to sample colors throughout your house.

But when this guy does it in his bedroom, the personality and clothes his wife had upon her previous exit get replaced with a new one matching the color..

And she goes through a bunch! Like.. in a pink camisole, blown by air.. in a cheerleader outfit, in a red baywatch one-piece swimsuit, in a purple (?) stripper cop uniform, and black for a catwoman dominatrix…

Hm.. Thanks, Omega B)  And culturepub!

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Asus Transformer Book Trio - Location Transformation

Thanks for this ad, Omega! :D And your patience.

So, in this ad, a long plot happens, transferring the man (and his temporary female acccomplice) between realities— one in the office, and one of excitement.. Just by detaching and reattaching his ASUS Transformer from the keyboard dock.

Well, I wanted one before, but. O_O <3 Haha.

I won’t name all the scenes, since there are so many.. But there’re sexual tones, some teasing, a few fantastical things (IE: a bar of almost ‘circus freaks’ ?) and a few location transformations.

Cote D’or - Animal Man

IN this ad, a dude watching the girl across from him eat a Cote D’Or… And soon his eyes bug out, he knocks the bar on teh ground, and hhe races to the ground with his mouth wide and out.. catching the bar in his mouth right before it hits.. and another girl swinging her heel.. !

Directed by Lars Blumers

Cote d’or - Animal Woman

So, in this ad, a woman grabs a Cote d’Or bar.. As we follow a falling chunk of the bar, her nails get sharp and she scratches them across the surface. Her pupils become sharp, like a cat’s.  She crawls on the table sensuously and eats the other chunk there.  (The guy in the background watches on; he’s another ad in this series)


MASS" said this was directed by Lars Blumers.

(Music Video) Restart - Cara de Santa (Dear Santa? Not sure)  - Music Video

This video features a CG girl, and a few other effects going on with the guys.. but otherwise, 

Has a heart  pulsing out of a guy’s chest, 2D eyes coming out of their faces, heads getting colored..

Instead of all having to fight over the same girl, they all can find a similar-like one of her.  I wonder what this metaphor means?  (The guys become CG afterwards, though.. Interesting! <3)

I wonder if this video is saying love is in the surreal, and not in the literal?

Anunciante: Restart

Produção: Conspiração

Finalização: Tribbo Post

Direção: Thiago Eva

Supervisores de Efeitos: Bibinho Carvalho / Jorge Pereira OK / Thiago Eva

Finalização: Tribbo Post

Artistas de Composição : Jorge Pereira OK / Thiago Porto / Rodrigo Pina / Junior Spinella / Diego Ruiz / Fernando Branco / Diego Argentino

Supervisor Motion: João Schimidt

Artistas Motion: João Schimidt / Marco Rivera / Bianca Bennecke

Diretor 3D : Rick Pimentel

Artistas 3D : Rick Pimentel / Adriana Harumi / Henrique Freitas / Jerome Saravas / Ary Monteiro / Kleber Darcio / Mauro Matheus / Felipe Bauer / Rodrigo Mendes / Nik Kulishev / Rodrigo Paulicchi / Rodrigo Gottardi

Coordenação de Produção 3D : Nayla Kols

Coordenação de Pós : Rafael Guedes / Rodrigo Guedes

Odol Mundwasser - Gusts of Breath (Clothes Blown)

VERY cool ad. Anon, take it away!

its for mouth wash, people act embarrassed about their morning breath, use mouth wash and gain super-breath that can undress other people.

You said it.

First, the husband blows at his wife, and her clothes get blown off. Next, a wife blows sensually at her husband, and his business attire is blown away!

But I like the third one as well.. another husband blows at his wife in bed, at an angle…. and the bed is blown towards the window as she’s scared. ;D 

Hard to find other copies. So here’s a copy of Alta Reklame's video for posterity:  mediafire

Telia 4G - Laptop Gust & Self-Propel

So, in this ad, a guy plugs in a 4G internet dongle from Telia into his laptop.  This causes his laptop to rocket away at a high speed, causing a ton of wind, too.

A guy’s tray and food is shot out of his hands, a girl, from behind, has her dress blown around a LOT (ha), a guy’s newspaper is blown out of his hands, and the laptop shoots out the wall (another girl from behind shot, ha).

Done by GhostVFX.

Kinder MaxiKing - Magical Luge

So, in this ad, a guy jumps off a platform into a big graphical tunel, down a slide of hcocolate, then into a tunnel of milk, followed by landing into the mouth of some sort of graceful caramel goddess.  (Yeah, this pushed it out of YMMV land for me)

After that, he continues into a crowd of hands made from crumbled nuts stuck together.  He lands into them, they break, and he awakes from the trance his first bite into a Kinder MaxiKing caused.

Heyah FIsh - Hand Teats

In this weird ad, a bunch of fish are suckling at what looks like teats— but it turns out it’s the Heyah hand that all the fish are suckling at. ANother fish comes along, eats a fish that went to say hi, and moves along.  The eaten fish has its old place taken over.

Included because I think those fish suckling at the teat are pretty… Well, it might be interesting for someone.  But really, barely a mention..