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Carling Black Label - Tongue Overuse

Now, YMMV on this one, but I suppose Gyronemo’s right that we might find it interesting. (Thanks, dude!)

In this ad, a woman spills her husband’s beer can on the table, only to find that he licks it up.  She decides to push him to the limits by cleaning the kitchen. THen the bathroom. and by the bathroom’s done, she’s loving this— it’s surreal as he licks everything sensually without restraint.

Then when she gets to the bedroom, she runs out.  Eh.

Super Hiper Acido Ateralenguas - Scary Story

In this ad, a boy’s telling a scary story to a bunch of disembodied tongues. Yeap. And they’re terrified, yeap. (Aterra lenguas.)  But watch this ad for the wild take and new sharp/poke-out tongue after he uses the candy on himself.

The tongue snakes out a bit, and then whips up and down really fast for more length, and even passes the black margin at the bottom.  Bonus points for the cheeks changing color and then bulging :D <3

The tongue looks scaly, too, almost not even human. <3

Super Hiper Acido - Aterralenguas - Tongue Control Loss

Very cool ad, so thank you very much for sharing this, Anon!  (Best part is that I could find a few more to share with y’all thanks to you :D )

In this ad, a boy who tries the treat, he can’t keep his mouth shut even though the announcer’s telling him to.  Because once his mouth opens up, his massive blue tongue escapes and flops out everywhere— into the foreground from the first picture.  Very cool transition scenes where his eyes pop out, you can see the stems poking out from his eyesockets.  So, his super-long tongue’s trying to escape? Pretty cool. :D

Directed by Diego Londoño

from The Zoo Productions. (Youtube)

Liberty - Christmas - Weird Lady has a Frog Tongue

This frog tongue is pretty active. After a conveyor belt shows a bunch of tat (haha, slang for junk <3), the wife is excited by what I think is a frog toy. So, she gets this massive tongue that whips out, surprises her devil-makeup-like husband, grabs the thing, and soon she eats it.  Hm…

Found & sent to me by HallOfAdvertising on Youtube. (Thanks for the notification, dude :D <3 )

I’ll look for alts. If there’s higher quality out there, I wanna see it.

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Laffy Taffy - Tongue popout with Fruit

OMG. I REMEMBER WHAT THIS ANON WAS TALKING ABOUT.  It’s a laffy taffy clip with this above girl, and a really long tongue.   Her tongue pops out REALLY long and dances an apple at the end, then she flips to the other side of the camera, and does the tongue thing again (with more flair) and a strawberry at the end.

Sadly, I only have the above clip.  I edited it a long time ago. :|  I think I might’ve gotten it from the old Wonka site.

Anyone else able to find a longer/fuller version?

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Cap’n Crunch - Goldelicious

Still catching up.. here’s one for now.

In the ad, the boy tasting Cap’n Crunch gets bulging eyes. Later has a massive tongue roll out.  YMMV, but a classic.

Alts: (Starts at 10m, 54s. Linked)

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Cap’n Crunch - 10 - Crunchatize me Choco Donuts (2) - Supermarket

In the above clip, starts at about 3 minutes, 20 seconds.

One of my favorite ads—mostly ‘cause the kids, when they come back, get these big CGI tongues to clean up their chocolate-covered faces.

…. though, taken out of context, I think it would’ve been rather disgusting. B)

Wise Cheez Doodles - Long Orange Tongues

When boys (unfortunately, only) eat this food, they grow a massive, wagging, orange tongue.  The last dude at the end eats the candy, and gains a large cheese wedge head, also with the tongue.

Pretty OK.

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Toblerone - Twisted - Eyes, Cheeks, Tongue, and Hair

In this pretty spectacular ad from the 1990s, a woman’s face has almost cartoonish proportions, with her cheeks jerking back and forth with her Toblerone piece going back and forth, her hair getting a bit wild, and then her tongue stretching out to lick the last bit of flavor off her fingers.

Other versions lack the awesome tongue lick at the end.. >_>;; <3

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