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Buster Busts Loose & Hidden Treasure - “Play a Toon on the SNES!” - Buster Bunny TF

So, FYI, this affected many, many people. This ad has touched the lives of many, like Drake (how do I credit you?) who joined me on the search for this ad. Zai, EdixonKi, and a few more have all reached this out to me.  I think I saw KitsuneKit (Hi!) and others post about it at Metamorphose.

Really glad I can present this news on behalf of Travalisfox and all of us. Thanks for the submission, Travalisfox!

The kid, promoting the two games, cuts to a scene where his mouth and voice is replaced with Buster’s mouth & buck teeth, only to have his mouth revert and his arms spaghetti outwardly and gently pinch/prod him during his suggestion about the ‘cartoony feel.’

Next, after scenes of the gameplay, he reappears with big bunny haunches and Buster’s tail, running in place before his legs take his suggestion to “make a real mad dash” and drag him off screen.

More gameplay. Blue eartips come up followed by Buster’s ears being attached to the boy’s face.  Wiggling in response to ‘sounding great’.  The next scenes talk about the Genesis game, where the kid gets dollar-sign eyeballs popping out of his eyes, due to the game’s treasure—again with Buster speaking and animated over his lips.

Finally, by the end, The kid’s body, but with Buster’s face and arms, stretch themselves out and grab the games off-screen.  Suggesting you get the games. As the kid approaches the screen, his arms shorten as Buster’s, until his face begins reverting.  (That’s not all, folks.) 

As he tells the camera to get its own games, he walks away, no trace of Buster’s influence, until his shirt pops away to reveal a tail coming out.

Revolutionary when it came to live action TF ads, if you ask me. Maybe like the Fruit Rollups ads I desire of the time.

Not as great as my memories, but they do have a lot of catching up to do.


None; no HQs. 


(360p webm, 360p mp4 downloads from Video Detective)

Thank you, Video Detective. <3  And could you believe I was last looking two weeks ago, Travalis? These are exciting times, my friends. I hope other leads show up!

And everybody who is here when really important ads are found by everyone’s persistence, not just mine. (Thanks for helping me!) ;u;

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Nescau Menino - Sofa - Sucked into Sofa

Very cool ad, so thanks for the mention, Anon

The basics is that this kid, through playing too much PSP, gets sucked into his couch bit by bit.  First, it slithers a bit of fabric over his thigh.. then his chest, and then his whole body. Only once his mom pours the Nescau can she get his son to overcome the couch, get up, and escape it.

Couch TF? Hm… Maybe so, hunh?

Anyways, here’s the info I could find:


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Anonymous said: Hey, TGWTVHS here. I'm looking for a complete version on a "Tales From The Darkside" commercial from... 1988? It has a kid's head transforming onto several different movie monsters, and was done in claymation. I found a complete SHORTER version, but I'm looking for the longer one. Both are on youtube. Any chance you can help out? -TGWTVHS

Yeah, this’s hard to find. The best I got are the two things you likely found already; a 20s version starting at the Vampire head (partial), or the short version which has everything (?) sped up (alt).

Sigh, sigh.  Definitely posting a lead here. Anybody else spot the promo for this ad?  See the partial versions above! B)

Marking this for a lead; Basically, a guy in a graveyard has all the monster faces one after another; no change back in between.


Oh! and I updated this Spaghetti-Os ad with the high quality copy you posted! Thanks again, ThatGuyWithTheVHS B) <3

Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines - 2 - FIRE HYDRANT, “Snow Lady” version of herself - Ice Cube Blender

So, damn. On the ‘plus’ side, there’s an alt for this recently released.  Yes, I mean plus as in additional to awesome CG already.  I like this one as ‘canon’, but… eh. I can make my own headcanon *cough*… Anyways..

So, this girl is trying the product in her bathroom. Sticks the toothbrush in her mouth and is all wide-eyed and head convulsey… Then her head turns into a fire hydrant with caps vibrating, literally bursting out water everywhere.  No mess, right?  So, she tries it again.

This time, it turns her into a frozen, snow-lady version of herself; and she’s cold everywhere else.. That’s OK.. But then after that, she becomes a blender, rapidly blending ice everywhere.

Hard to find alts, so here’s ManyMany’s HD copy..  

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Colgate - Fresh Confidence - Phillippines - 1; Fan Head, Water funnel, and Ice Cube

Hell yeah. So, this ad was popular enough to get more than one. But hold your horses.. They’re queued up!

So, in this ad, a guy’s having the product. OK. But when he’s trying the product, his head convulses rapidly between each try… And the first turns his head and neck into a metallic fan, blowing things all over his bathroom.. Cool.  Next, he has a giant water funnel/vortex replacing them.  After that, the vortex freezes around his head in a giant ice cube.  Eventually he breaks out.

So.. yeah! This stuff is like, usually perfect.

Done by  Here’s a mirror of their Vimeo’s DL.


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Ratchet & Clank - Sheepinator ( Backyard)

So, in this ad, kids are about to transform a cat into a sheep.. using the gun from the game.. until the cat jumps down and the parents come back.


I can’t find it on, though. Hm…

Ratchet & Clank - Morph-O-Ray - Chicken Poof

Another one WhatIReallyLIke (and MonsterMaster13 ) have recommended to me— in this ad, friends turn their friend into a chicken.  Kinda weird afterwards, when they’re all running around, chasing their ex-friend. One guy’s like, “We can change him back, right?”  Haha… 


Ratchet & Clank 3 - Spanish Ad

Nice find, WhatIReallyLike; I couldn’t find another copy of this. Maybe if I knew spanish better… :/  Anyways.. 

In this ad, two neighbor kids have a comical gun fight, shooting at each other with bigger and bigger artillery.  Until they destroy something the little sister values— her little dog’s doghouse.  So she poofs them into sheep.

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Ratchet & Clank - Mootater 640 - Woman into Cow

WhatIReallyLike, thanks for the note on this!

Basically, some jerks transform a dude’s girlfriend into a cow, and then tell him his girlfriend’s hot. (She’s a cow.)   Then they run away from him instead of making him a cow, too.  Does that make this less of a prank? Hm..

Anyways, YMMV, but worth a peek.


Dextro Energen (1995) - Stress, Head Effects

So, this guy’s so stressed at his job that two bullet trains fly through the air into his ears, and behind his pupils inside his eyeballs… Eyes widening, and such. So, his head explodes. AHHH.  Then when it reforms, it morphs into a gauge/meter showing how his energy levels are drifting into the red.

So, he takes Dextro, and the meter shows back up and points back in the other direction! :D  ANd he’s good!  Until he sees a coworker suffering the same thing, and mid-Subway-entry into the coworker’s brain, he tosses Dextro to him.

I’d say YMMV, but this makes the morphing front-and-center importance. :)

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