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Ratchet & Clank - Sheepinator ( Backyard)

So, in this ad, kids are about to transform a cat into a sheep.. using the gun from the game.. until the cat jumps down and the parents come back.


I can’t find it on, though. Hm…

Ratchet & Clank - Morph-O-Ray - Chicken Poof

Another one WhatIReallyLIke (and MonsterMaster13 ) have recommended to me— in this ad, friends turn their friend into a chicken.  Kinda weird afterwards, when they’re all running around, chasing their ex-friend. One guy’s like, “We can change him back, right?”  Haha… 


Ratchet & Clank 3 - Spanish Ad

Nice find, WhatIReallyLike; I couldn’t find another copy of this. Maybe if I knew spanish better… :/  Anyways.. 

In this ad, two neighbor kids have a comical gun fight, shooting at each other with bigger and bigger artillery.  Until they destroy something the little sister values— her little dog’s doghouse.  So she poofs them into sheep.

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Ratchet & Clank - Mootater 640 - Woman into Cow

WhatIReallyLike, thanks for the note on this!

Basically, some jerks transform a dude’s girlfriend into a cow, and then tell him his girlfriend’s hot. (She’s a cow.)   Then they run away from him instead of making him a cow, too.  Does that make this less of a prank? Hm..

Anyways, YMMV, but worth a peek.


Dextro Energen (1995) - Stress, Head Effects

So, this guy’s so stressed at his job that two bullet trains fly through the air into his ears, and behind his pupils inside his eyeballs… Eyes widening, and such. So, his head explodes. AHHH.  Then when it reforms, it morphs into a gauge/meter showing how his energy levels are drifting into the red.

So, he takes Dextro, and the meter shows back up and points back in the other direction! :D  ANd he’s good!  Until he sees a coworker suffering the same thing, and mid-Subway-entry into the coworker’s brain, he tosses Dextro to him.

I’d say YMMV, but this makes the morphing front-and-center importance. :)

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Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama App - Tentacle Bursting, Dot Becoming

So, this guy uses this app to make two things change before his eyes.  First, he uses the ‘waves’ part of the Vuitton/Kusama app to make tentacles *burst* out from this awesome pot in the living room.

Then, despite my hopes that he’d use the same part when his playful friend shows up, he instead chooses the ‘dots’ setting. So, she begins turning into layers of dots, before they get blown away by the ad continuing on.

Info from the director, Guillaume Cosson:

Producer : Elegangz ///

Director : Guillaume Cosson ///

Executive producer : Réactive Zone ///

Production manager : Loutfi Maatouk ///

Director of photography : Clément Arenou ///

3D : Microbe Studio ///

Make Up : Cindy Galhac ///

Hairstyle : Samuel Chikly ///

Model : Sandra Dim ///

Music : Jean-Christophe Gutierres ///

So, here’re the alts! (Microbe Studio, the CG Company’s)

Winner Taco - Changing Window Wiper

FYI, this ad is kinda an alternate cut of a whole ad, which included the parts shown from this other copy.  Thanks to WhatIReallyLike for another fine contribution!

In this ad, the ad exec is reading reports about people worried about turning into a polar bear due to eating the product.  He claims it’s unlikely, but the window wiper goes up, eats a winner taco.. and on the way down, is a bear. YMMV on the costume. :(

But woot!  I wonder if they’ll release a new ad in the series now that the product’s coming back? *crosses fingers*

Tekki ANTIFOM - Floating in Air ! <3

So in this ad, a lady, her son, and two guys are floating like big rotund balloons up in the air. Arms, legs below the knees, and heads poking out.  (Their heads are a bit cartoonishly big)

So, when the older guy grabs Antifom, his body begins deflating and he begins blowing away from the camera; and he’s not alone.  The girl and then the other guy are ‘blown away’ as well. The younger dude gently descends to the earth, though the girl and man are already deflated (lame. Only one shot?)  On the plus side, he and the boy have these inflated stomaches that deflate in these final scenes.


Any other alts?

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Kidsup Polvo - Exploding Cow, Exploding Kids

Thanks anon, for this commercial, because it’s pretty wacky. And I like it! :D

So, these kids show a cow some sort of wacky/weird tablet/mirror. This freaks the CG cow out, and it jumps/blasts off into the air, and explodes in a bunch of milk (no, wait, what’s ‘chicha’?) and chocolate (chocolate?) particles.  These come down and form drinks for the boy and girl.

When THEY drink the product, they ALSO have jets come out from underneath their pants, causing them to rocket up into the air and also explode into milk and chocolate particles.  Hm…

Then they blend together, morph into the cow, and re-morph into the products.

Weird, and could use a bit more CG, but this’s definitely wacky enough to mark as a favorite of mine.  Also— I wonder what else Kidsup made? hm..

Info from SAS:










Mediafire link:


Sprite - Nothing Soft About It - 

THanks for the lead and the links, WhatIReallyLike :D

This ‘reality show’ taking place on a set has all the people working there eliminated, to leave only 6. So there’s some comedy about how a cowboy lasoos a student, a wizard zaps and turns two students into chickens, UFO comes in and shoots people, a barbarian does.. and a penguin blows a chilly burst, eliminating another contestant.  (Damn, I would’ve voted for her!  Oh, wait, this’s about scripts. )

Info from Olive Make-up Artistry:

Sprite - “Sprite Film Contest” featuring Tyrese Gibson
Director : Ryan Ebner
Olive : Key Make-Up/Hair/Special FX


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