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Cheetos Kıvır Kıvır - Curl Curl - Spring Legs, Drill Legs, & Tornado

Fantastic ad. Thanks for making sure I couldn’t miss this, SuperLeft4DeadGuy B)

In this ad, a group of bullies chase this one kid around. But he keeps escaping through the power of Cheetos.

First, he’s at a dead end; he eats a Cheeto, and his lower half turns into a spring.. Yeaa! <3  He bounces out of the alley while the boys are dumbfounded.

Next, he’s surrounded, eats a Cheeto, and his lower half (off-screen? :x ) turns into a drill— so he spins around, goes underground, and escapes the bullies one more time.

Finally, they corner him and get close— he pushes one away and begins spinning in a tornado to blow them all away.  Just another kind of twist.

Very cool ad, Here’s the info from ALICE BBDO:


Production Company : Mac. Gayver

Director : Mini Vegas

Musician : Ömer Özgür

Alts: (short)

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Ingham’s Chicken Fillets - Yoga - Head 180 Twist

Thanks for the lead, Anon! (As always, my viewers are so great!)

So, yeah; here’re your details; pretty good, verbatim:

its a chicken fillet add where a woman is doing Yoga and is doing an exercise twisting her neck, and then she twists a bit too far twisting her neck around backwars with a nice crack sound. 

She’s got her head-twisted backwards for the rest of the ad, too! She looks at the TV ON HER NEWLY REVERSED COUCH :O (Watch the beginning! VERY nice touch!)

Info from the briefly flashed title card:

Key: ING/030/017 ;
Agency: Colenso BBDO;
Production: Curious Film;
Post Prod: Perceptual Engineering;

Sweet. :)

Buzz! Junior - Robo Jam Trailer

Wow, how did I miss to post this? I don’t know what happened, but I thank you for catching my miss, doing a lot of the work, and sending me it with a link, Gyronemo :D <3

So, a dad who’s having a great time playing a game with his kids starts doing some wacky/zany cartoonish things!  Pretty sweet.

First, he laughs so enthusiastically, his jaw stretches far off to his chin. Then, his legs come up and his feet batter his head back and forth.  Then, he hops madly from one side of his couch to another.  Then, his head  begins twisting up into the air madly. (Hm, yeah, now I’m listing it as a favorite, haha.)   He grabs it, shoves it down into his chest, and before he can catch his breath, he begins hopping all over his couch.  NEXT he’s frozen in mid-air positions above the couch, like mid-action from cartoons.  But only once he’s finally wrung out, he is flattened out on the couch, deflating, with big puffs of air/smoke coming out his ears.

Afterwards, he’s finally reinflated and is A-OK.  Well.. :O <3

 Pretty serious stuff.  I guess I would’ve preferred seeing a mom or an older sister, but the content’s there.

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Big Brother Australia - Love a Twist - Twisted 

Thanks to the anon who mentioned this ad existedand mentioned it so quickly to its airing!!  People— the sooner the ad airs, the sooner we can seek it. (And if you are aware of other old ads, please send us a lead!  If you got VHS tapes? Check our leads page!)

Something is surreal and appealing about the self-twisting items.  Well, OK. So, whenever somebody does the ‘twist’, inanimate objects near them twist.  And this goes on for a minute. ( <3 )

Wedding ring. Soccer (“Football”) goal post. Chef’s Tongs.  Crossing guard’s stop sign, office worker’s “Shopping Center” sign, Construction guy’s bricks, other objects there, and two big cranes.  

Then finally the hostess, Sonia Kruger, reveals that she loves a good twist— as she has already been twisted. :D

Shame the effects don’t always have a sound-effect..

Alts: (only at the end of)

Any other alts?

Info from Joseph Pole on Vimeo:

VFX Supervisor: Joseph Pole
Creative Director: Andrew Peace
Director: Dale Sidney
Music: Chuck Berry
VFX Supervisor: Joseph Pole
Art Director: Joseph Pole
Compositing: Soren Dyne, Claire Pollock, Brad Smith
Endframe sequence/Logo reveal: Simon McKenzie

Super NIntendo Ad - Persona Change & Control Loss

Wow, this ad is.. kinda kinky, and I think it’s even from my nascent years. So, mega thanks to FunkyRowanPixie for this gem.

Basically, in this ad, a Super Nintendo system forms into this floating challenge pod that shoots out a controller into the guy’s hand.  He’s pulled into the game system, and as soon as he lands, his legs transform into robot legs and he poses.  He grins and begins to play the game. After having played a bit, his head spins around while playing and leaves a robot head. Pretty cool.

Next, his arms turn into robot arms. The struggle continues as a swirling whirl of color spins around him and finally melts/transforms his face into a shiny robot face.  He looks around a bit in shock, then begins really hyper-playing the game. Like, almost losing his shit. I don’t know, did he become a robot to win, or did the game try to turn him into one?

Anyways, he wins, etc. Pretty cool.


Alt (THis is really a LQ copy)

Any other copies? I want a HQ one..?

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GoGurt Twisted - Color Change & Flattening

In this ad, a boy and a girl trick another boy into trying GoGurt Twisted. I say “Trick” because as soon as he begins enjoying it, a whirlwind of color is kicked up around him, changing his colors and flattening him on the moved furniture.  Pretty cool.

Major thanks to Ovid for finding this ad :D Here’re some alts:

On the Vimeo, it’s done by Addigital Production.  (Thanks, dudes, as usual :D )

Danish Bacon - Spinning Head

In this ad, a woman’s bed tumultuously shakes with her possession.  When she sits up, her head spins around with a carnival song.

Turns out she’s possessed with her love for Danish Bacon! Hahaha!

But it’s not as funny if you’re a kid, lol.

I like this one, but YMMV.

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Campbells MeatBalls - Meatball Body, other weirdness

Hey, another favorite!  This is thanks to James, since he found out that Campbell ads in the UK are all wacky like this one.

In the top clip, starts at 2:17.  Boy with a weird voice over has his head twist around, then he has his stomach bulge a bunch until his lower half turns into a meatball, allowing him to go through history with a meatball belly.   (Egypt, Caveman alongside Stonehenge)

Besides the rock drummer with a long tongue and meatball body, there’s a boy who’s swimming, and gets.. what? Squeegeed by meatballs and colored like one (IE: Tan?)

Def worth a look.

Albert Heiji - Disney Week (Disney Originals)

Thanks to the anon who sent this to me! :D 

In this foreign ad for a supermarket chain, Albert drops a big box in, and tries to open it many ways.. all of which fail and cause cartoon-like reactions.  A crowbar ‘twangs’ back at him like a spring, causing him to twist himself up.  His pushing with his entire body results in it flattening him and leaving him like an accordion.  The final action lifts the roof off the building with a loud clap (before it falls back on.)


Director: Yoes Benli
Post: Darling


Fruit Roll Ups - 1001 Taste Adventures (#1) - Neighborhood

In this ad, the wizard Rolluppo (sp?) comes flying down, and when kids bite a bit of a fruit roll up, they’re smoothly moved off-screen and animated in the new location, or in the same location.  Pretty slick for early 1990s.

Definitely a fave. I suggest you download it.  Features: A girl who bites one, and begins (animated) twisting uncontrollably, a girl who bites one, pops down offscreen and rockets (animated) up as a 2D square plane, and finally a boy who bites one and is pulled down into a zig-zag spring shape (2d similarly) and bounces around.

FYI, THIS IS JUST ONE OF AT LEAST TWO IN THIS SERIES.  IN ANOTHER, KIDS ARE TURNED INTO OTHER SHAPES, LIKE FIGURE 8s or CARS.  Finding this series has to be one of my major passions of this blog—the other ones are fondly remembered, and probably why I started this blog.

Info at Metamorphose, too.

Thanks for reminding me I hadn’t posted this, anon!

Update April 5th, 2013:

The old version is here:

Starting at 4 minutes, 35 seconds.

Update Jul 15th, 2013: 

Alts, again:

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